8 healthy habits that will keep you moving even when you have a busy lifestyle
Mon 11 05 2020

Staying active is very essential to stay healthy especially when you lead a busy and stressful time. But even when you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or do your workout there are many ways that you can follow to stay active. The following article has 8 healthy habits that will keep you moving even when you have a busy lifestyle.

1. Do some tasks standing up

Sitting at your desk all day long is harmful to your body. Therefore, to be and feel more active, try to do some tasks while standing up. The purpose of this is that while you are standing up you are able to do some steps which keep you active without compromising on your work.

2. Put alarms to take breaks

Many times when we are overwhelmed with things to do we forget to take a break. So when not put alarms or reminders so you don’t forget them anymore? Take a 5 to 10 minutes break every 2 to 3 hours to stay energized. During these minutes try to move around a little bit; walk, do some exercises or even stretch.

3. Take a walk during your break

If you’re at work and it is your lunch break, try to take a walk for a few minutes to make your whole body active.

4. Workout at home

You might not have enough time to leave home and go workout at the gym or outdoors. For this reason, a quick home workout can be a great rescuer. Try to do a 15 to 20 minutes workout that activates most of your body’s muscles.

5. Take the stairs

Working or living in the city is a great opportunity to stay active especially with all the stairs you need to take in case the elevator is not working. Use the stairs to reach your office or even your apartment. While this doesn’t count as a full workout, it helps you score hundreds of steps and make you active for a while. It can also increase your heart rate making you burn some calories!

6. Stretch

Stretching is essential if what keeps you busy requires sitting for a long time in the same position. Do some stretches that help protect your back, lower and upper body.

7. Do some cleaning around the house

Instead of hiring someone to help you clean the house, save some money by doing it yourself. If you are very busy, divide the tasks over the whole week and do a few of them every day. This will help you be physically active and burn lots of calories.

8. Wake up earlier

If your day is full of things to do, wake up earlier to have more time to be active. Make sure that you sleep 8 hours or so, and wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than usual and try to walk around or do a home workout.