10 things to consider when choosing a personal trainer
Wed 06 05 2020

When you decide to choose a personal trainer, it means that you are really committing to your fitness goal and you want to reach them so bad. While hiring a personal trainer is an important step on this journey, it would be extra important to consider someone with the right qualifications. For this reason, in the following article, we will list 10 things that you need to consider when choosing a personal trainer.

1. Their certifications

It is very crucial that you hire someone who is a professional in their field. Make sure that the person who will be training you is certified and has passed the needed exams to become who he/she is today. This means that you’ve chosen someone with the right standards of professionalism.

2. Their experience

Experience is crucial in every recruitment process. The experience of your trainer talks about all the routines that he/she has tested before and is ready to share with you avoiding all injuries.

3. Their personality

In the fitness field, you need someone who motivates you and makes you want to make the best out of your workout. It will be easier to do so with someone who keeps on saying positive statements and cheerleading you.

4. Their philosophy

You need to know how does your trainer grow and develop the program they rely on, and on which beliefs he bases himself. Do they use gym equipment or prefer outside workouts? Choose what suits you best and make sure that your trainer has the same way of work.

5. Their specialties

You will find the best trainer based on your goal and his specialties. Do you want to train for a big marathon? Find a trainer specialized in running. Do you want to lose weight and tone your abs? You’d need someone who is a cardio expert, etc. Make sure that you know what you really want to achieve and chose a trainer who can help you do so.

6. Cost

Depending on their certifications and their experience, trainers can charge differently. So before you begin looking for a trainer, think of an hourly rate you can afford based on your budget.

7. Their availability

In fitness, consistency is key, therefore, it is important that you find a trainer who is available to assist you with the minimum number of hours needed per week.

8. Their location

You can consider the location of your trainer based on the effort you would want to do. Are you willing to drive for an hour to reach them? Do you prefer that they come to your house? Ask yourself these questions to know how much their location matters to you.

9. Progress

Your trainer will set a program for you, mentioning the progress that you will achieve with him. Make sure you have an idea about that before you finalize the contract with your new trainer.

10. Their reputation

A trainer’s reputation says a lot about how helpful they will be in helping you fulfill your goals. Make sure you ask people who have trained with this person before in order to know well if this trainer will be helpful for you or not.