5 healthy habits you need to adopt now for a healthier life
Fri 30 08 2019

Many people will find themselves postponing living a healthy life because they believe that it takes lots of effort and change to reach that purpose. This might be true; however, by starting to adopt and change few habits, a sedentary person can start his transition to a healthier version of himself.

The love-hate relationship between health and wealth
Fri 30 08 2019

When asked about the most valuable thing someone can have, many would think about money or materialistic and physical items. However, value is not about tangible possessions only, because in many studies where this question was asked, “health” was one of the main answers given. Which makes “health” and “wealth” two of the most common responses; we decided to study the relationship between these two.

Here is how physical activity can improve your mood
Tue 22 10 2019

Many psychologists would recommend their patients to do some physical activities to fight the negative feelings they might have. Alongside having many health benefits, exercising can affect your mood and make you a happier person. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

These are the best tips to raise healthy children
Mon 04 11 2019

After your kids are born, you want to offer them everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. However, sometimes you might become overwhelmed with your daily life that you start to tolerate some new habits that might be unhealthy. This is normal, but if you would like to get back on track, and work on making your kids the healthiest again, the following tips are everything you need.

Do you need to eat more when you start working out?
Mon 25 11 2019

After a workout, you might find yourself hungry and ready to eat a big meal. Physical activity burns calories and uses your glycogen storage leaving you feeling hungry. The more intense the activity the more hungry you will feel. But does that mean that you should listen to your body’ needs at this moment and consume as much food as it is asking you to? Should you eat more just because your body is asking for more food?

10 Healthy habits of athletes. Can you achieve them?
Mon 09 12 2019

Athletes are professionals who achieved big successes after years of commitment and practice. They are driven by dedication, self-discipline and amazing energy. Even though it might seem easy for us viewers to achieve their success, however, it does not mean it is impossible. What is common between all the athletes, other than their strong bodies, is that they have a set of habits to maintain their health, flexibility and drive high. So what are the main common habits among athletes?
Here are 10 of them:

Here is how working out helps you manage stress
Mon 16 12 2019

Stress is an unavoidable feeling that hunts everyone from young students to old grandparents.  Therefore, we can say that it is a normal part of our lives and we cannot escape it easily. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have negative effects on our lives and health. For this reason, we need to learn how to deal with stress even when it can be inevitable. Among the different ways of stress releasing, working out has been found on top of the most effective ones. So how can working out help you manage stress?

How to deal with increased hunger after a workout?
Tue 07 01 2020

After working out, you might fight yourself very hungry that you would consider eating a burger or pasta, forgetting about all the calories you have burnt during your workout. While the reasons for this hunger are many, they are quite normal. So how should you deal with them; surrender at the sight or smell of tasty, even if unhealthy foods, or find alternatives? Definitely, the alternatives are the winning answer in this dilemma. The following is a list of healthy ways that could help you deal with the immense hunger of a workout.

10 tips on how to work out with an injury
Wed 22 01 2020

Working out leads to injuries that might force you to stop doing activities that require efforts and strength. However, many injuries can allow you to maintain your working out routine, however, you would need to follow some rules in order to stay safe and not worsen your injuries. The following are 10 tips you can adopt while training with an injury:

4 health formulas you need to calculate to lose weight
Mon 27 01 2020

When you decide to lose weight, all you think of is the food you will eat and the new workout plan you will implement. While these two things are very important for weight loss, other things should be taken into consideration. Many of the components that could help you lose weight are part of these important formulas you need to take into consideration:

Full-fat or skim dairy; which one to choose?
Mon 17 02 2020

Sometimes we make choices related to our diet without understanding why. We might start consuming kale, drinking green smoothies or even changing our diets to vegan just because it is the trend. But what is actually the best for us? One of the food choices that are becoming more popular is fat-free dairy. While this is not a trend but a healthy option, one should know when to substitute the full-fat dairy with it and when not to. This article gives you the needed answer.

Sleep or workout: how to choose when you’re in front of this dilemma?
Mon 17 02 2020

How many times have you wanted to sleep instead of going to your daily workout? Have you ever set an alarm to wake up and workout, and wished you could turn it off and go back to sleep? Many readers will be able to relate to these situations calling themselves lazy or unmotivated. However, what is the right thing to do when you feel tired and want to sleep? This article is what you need to take the right decision:

These are the mental health skills that athletes need to enforce
Mon 02 03 2020

One of the recommendations to maintain good mental health is being physically active. However, does that mean that athletes and people with a high level of physical commitment do not face any mental issues? In fact, this is not true. Athletes face a lot of pressure which weighs their mental health down. So what are some of the mental skills that could be useful to keep them healthy?

Are you overeating? Here is how to stop
Tue 31 03 2020

Overeating can be caused by many effects such as times of stress or hormonal imbalances. In all cases, it could be disturbing and you would want to control it. Therefore, in order to avoid making overeating a part of your daily life habits, make sure that you adopt the following tips to be in control of your eating habits.


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