Are supplements able to boost your immune system?
Tue 14 07 2020

We have mentioned in previous articles that there are some vitamins that have the ability to boost your immune system. But what about the supplements that we take when we have a vitamin deficiency?

These are the best vitamins to boost your immune system
Mon 13 07 2020

Boosting your immune system is essential in all situations, and is more crucial during a pandemic, where you are at risk of catching a virus anytime. Taking care of your immune system, can help you stay safe from the virus as much as possible (of course alongside quarantine). So how can you do so? Of course there are many ways, which we’ve mentioned in previous articles, but some vitamins can do so as well. In this article, you will find the best vitamins to boost your immune system.

Eating healthy during quarantine; stay away from canned and processed foods
Fri 10 07 2020

Numbers have shown a significant increase in the number of sales of processed foods like soda and chips, in the last quarter of the year. This means that people are consuming more of these foods during their quarantine. However, as per WHO’s website, it is recommended to stay away from these foods. In this article we will expose the different negative consequences of canned and processed foods, and why you need to stay away from them during quarantine.

The 7 nutrients and vitamins you need to consume daily!
Wed 08 07 2020

Vitamins and nutrients deficiencies are becoming more common by the day. One of the reasons could be not knowing how to incorporate enough of them in your daily food intake, but also not knowing which ones to consume. In such cases, many people resolve to take vitamin supplements. But what are the nutrients and vitamins that we need to consume every day? The following article will tell you about the 7 most essential ones.

How can sleep improve your health?
Fri 03 07 2020

Sleep is the power that recharges your body’s energy. While it was not given much attention by scientists in the past, it is now studied extensively. You might have heard many theories and tips about sleep and its importance to your health, like sleeping for 8 hours is essential. So what are the benefits of sleep, and how it can improve your health? The following article has some answers.

How many times per week should you lift weights?
Wed 01 07 2020

Working out is one of the most important favors you can do to your body and health. But as we’ve mentioned in previous articles, working out more doesn’t always mean better. So while you need to work out a specific number of times per week, you need to choose what to include in each workout session. And since weight lifting is an important part of many people's workouts, they also need to know the healthy number of weight lifting training per week.

Here are some answers:

10 benefits of meditation to your physical health
Thu 25 06 2020

In a world governed by stress and anxiety, meditation is an important practice. Meditation is an ancient way for relaxation that has started in India and that is still used nowadays. In fact, meditation is not only a good way to heal your soul, but also to strengthen your body’s health. So what are the benefits of mediation for your body? These are ten benefits of mediation to your physical health.  

8 benefits of taking probiotics for your health
Mon 22 06 2020

Your body is made of many bacteria, some are good and others are bad. Probiotics are one of the good types of bacteria, especially for the digestive system. They are important to keep your gut healthy. You usually get your probiotics from foods that are made by bacterial fermentation, or by supplements. It is important to better understand the benefits of probiotics for your health; therefore, we bring you eight benefits you must know about.

These 8 snacks will help you avoid overeating
Fri 19 06 2020

Overeating sometimes feels like the monster you cannot run away from. It keeps haunting your mind until you give up and find yourself in the kitchen gazing at your fridge. While many things can be helpful, such as keeping busy and avoiding distractions, there are some snacks that can fill you up enough. These snacks might keep you away from craving food when your body does not need it. So why not give them a try? The following is a list of 8 snacks that will help you avoid overeating.

Are weight loss pills good for you? Here are their pros and cons
Tue 16 06 2020

In an era where everybody is trying to lose weight, many ways have been tested. From diets to exercising, weight loss or diet pills come in between in the list of ways to lose weight. Even if you have never tried them before, these pills are widely used and the opinions about them might be different. In case you are willing to try them anytime soon, you might be interested in reading the following article in which we will expose some of the pros and cons of weight loss pills.

6 workouts that are optimal to fight mental health issues
Fri 12 06 2020

Caring for your mental health is as equally important as caring for the health of your body. One thing that you can do, that has been proven to be beneficial for your brain and body, is physical activity. While physical activity, in general, is beneficial, there are some specific workouts that are considered the best, in case you are struggling with some mental health issues. The following article talks about 6 workouts that are optimal to fight mental health issues.

These 10 foods will help you build your abs muscles
Thu 11 06 2020

Have you been obsessing about your abs? Have you been doing crunches and planks almost every day? Do you lift your shirt and look at your abs in the mirror to check the progress you made almost every day? If that is you, then you’re reading the right article. Many exercises are helpful to tone your abs, however, abs do not require only exercising, but also specific food. The following article brings you 10 foods that will help you achieving your abs’ goal.

Why and how to stay active during the quarantine
Fri 05 06 2020

The quarantine can be a hard time, especially for healthy people who are craving to get back to their daily activities and routines. However, while the quarantine period is helpful to avoid further spreading of viruses, Covid19 in the case of today, it should not be spent being sedentary. In fact, physical activity is even more important when you are locked inside. So why is it important to be active during quarantine? This article has the answers, as well as 4 ways to be active inside.

5 reasons that explain why you are gaining weight while working out
Wed 03 06 2020

A lot of people work out as a way to lose the extra pounds they have. They commit to a training plan and make sure to be at the gym 5 or 6 times per week. They put all the effort needed to make that work and start seeing results when their clothes are now loose, or when they feel their shape and waste are now firmer. But all this hype goes to waste when they get on the weight scale and find that their weight has increased rather than decrease. Why is that? The following are 5 reasons that explain why you are gaining weight while working out.

10 things to buy at the grocery store during a pandemic
Fri 29 05 2020

Now that Covid19 has been classified as a pandemic, people are rushing to the supermarkets and buying everything they can. The pictures of empty supermarket shelves were circulated all over the internet and social media. However, is this the right way to shop during a pandemic? Not at all. So what should you buy at the grocery store during a pandemic? Here are the answers:

6 ways to boost your immunity system
Wed 27 05 2020

Our immunity system is the shield that protects us from diseases and viruses such as the Covid-19 that is haunting the world nowadays. Since the virus is pretty recent, and few studies are able to tell us who are most at risk of it, we are recommended to protect ourselves as much as possible. Of course, staying at home is a good way to stop spreading the virus, but how can we make our bodies protected and ready to fight? Boosting the immunity level is something essential and can be done when in quarantine. Here are 6 ways to boost your immunity system:

6 facts you need to know to better understand metabolism
Tue 19 05 2020

One of the main questions we ask ourselves when it comes to weight loss is; why I gain weight from barely eating something unhealthy, while my friend never gains a pound after binging? The answer to this question is metabolism. It is the process through which our bodies burn the food we eat and transforms into energy so we can function better. Not all bodies are the same, and every person’s metabolism is different than the other. So how do we understand our metabolism process? The following are 6 facts about metabolism that you need to know to better understand metabolism.

Should you try intermittent fasting? Here are some pros and cons
Fri 15 05 2020

Intermittent fasting is a new concept in the world of fitness. It consists of prolonged fasting hours (usually between 14 and 18) and in the remaining hours, the patient is allowed to eat. It has proven in many cases to be beneficial and helped losing weight. So should you try it? The following are the pros and cons of intermittent fasting that will help you decide whether this diet is good or bad for you.

8 healthy habits that will keep you moving even when you have a busy lifestyle
Mon 11 05 2020

Staying active is very essential to stay healthy especially when you lead a busy and stressful time. But even when you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or do your workout there are many ways that you can follow to stay active. The following article has 8 healthy habits that will keep you moving even when you have a busy lifestyle.

10 things to consider when choosing a personal trainer
Wed 06 05 2020

When you decide to choose a personal trainer, it means that you are really committing to your fitness goal and you want to reach them so bad. While hiring a personal trainer is an important step on this journey, it would be extra important to consider someone with the right qualifications. For this reason, in the following article, we will list 10 things that you need to consider when choosing a personal trainer.

10 ways to drink more water during the day
Mon 04 05 2020

Almost everyone knows how important it is to drink water every day to keep your body healthy and functioning well. However, how many of us drink as much water as we should? According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men should drink 3.7 liters of water or 15 cups and a half, while women need to drink up to 2.7 liters or 11 cups and a half of water. So how do you drink 11 or 15 cups of water per day? Here are 15 ways to drink more water during the day!

Importance of getting enough sleep to stay in shape
Thu 30 04 2020

Sleeping enough is very important for your body, and working out or staying active is also important. But how can sleeping affect your process of keeping your body in shape? In fact, fitness and sleeping can have tremendous effects on each other when combined. If you are physically active, meaning that you work out regularly then you need sleep more than others. In fact, sleep affects many aspects of your fitness life. Let’s discover them!

5 advantages of a low-carb diet
Thu 30 04 2020

A diet low in carbohydrates is one that limits the consumption of carbs even the ones found in starchy foods and vegetables. It also includes foods high in fat and in proteins. The purpose of this diet is mainly to lose weight but can also have some extra benefits for your health and body most of them related to your metabolism and diabetic diseases. For this reason, if you are looking to adopt a low carb diet, you might want to know about these 5 advantages.

How often should you work out?
Tue 28 04 2020

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to being physically active. However, the answer is not just one word. In fact, the answer is “it depends”. It depends on many factors, such as your goal and your abilities. So how to know how often you should work out? Here are a few different scenarios.

Is cardio enough to lose weight?
Fri 24 04 2020

Cardio is one of the most common types of exercises. In fact, as the health website, mentions; “cardiovascular exercising is a set of activities with oxygen.” This could explain the sweat that you experience during this workout, due to the engagement of large muscle groups, controlling breathing and requiring respiration, as well as increasing the heart rate. While many people think of cardio workout as a good way to lose weight, some experts have a different opinion. Is cardio enough to lose weight? Read on.

How to fight laziness and become committed to your workout routine?
Thu 23 04 2020

Sometimes, after a long day at work, you could find sitting on your couch and watching TV for the rest of the evening very tempting. By doing so, you would be skipping your workout routine for the day and putting yourself at risk of doing so more than just one time. If you have found yourself skipping your workouts due to laziness then you are looking for ways to fight it and become committed to your workout routine. Here is what you can do:

These 10 foods will cure the most common diseases and conditions
Wed 22 04 2020

Many times we try to find refuge in foods to help us heal some pains and diseases. When we have the flu we drink tea and eat lemon and other fruits. Foods have great power in making our bodies work better and clear away unwanted symptoms. If you are eager to know more about what am talking about, read this article to know about the 10 foods that will cure the most common diseases and conditions.

8 of the most common fitness myths you need to stop believing
Tue 21 04 2020

Just like everything else, fitness is one of the areas where myths are created and circulated. A lot of these myths are believed by many people which might put them in danger especially when it comes to their health and fitness. The following are 10 of the most common fitness myths you need to stop believing.

Everything you need to know about sugar
Thu 16 04 2020

Sugar can be an essential part of some people’s lives, especially those who are classified as “sweet tooth” and whom sugary food are more important than lunch or dinner. However, while sugar makes everything sweeter and maybe tastier, one should not neglect the fact that the word sugar describes not one but many types of sweetener. And while you’ve heard a lot of facts about sugar being unhealthy, we assembled the best facts you need, from the best professionals, in order to understand sugar better.
Read on.

The importance of having a strong lower body and how to do so
Wed 15 04 2020

The lower body area is constituted from the glutes, the quads, and the hamstrings. Many people make sure to incorporate a lot of exercises targeting these areas, however, their main goal is to create volume and shape in this area. While this is one of the consequences that you would achieve by doing lower body exercises, there is more to it than that.

Are you overeating? Here is how to stop
Tue 31 03 2020

Overeating can be caused by many effects such as times of stress or hormonal imbalances. In all cases, it could be disturbing and you would want to control it. Therefore, in order to avoid making overeating a part of your daily life habits, make sure that you adopt the following tips to be in control of your eating habits.

If you don’t like working out in the gym, here are 5 alternatives
Tue 10 03 2020

Let’s be real; the gym is not for everybody. While some people enjoy being there 6 to 7 times per week, others would dread wearing their gym outfit each and every time. And even though going to the gym has been proven to improve not only your physical strength but also your social skills, a lot of fitness seekers have said that they would prefer finding an alternative workout or place to work out. The good news that this article will give you is that the gym is not the only place to tone your muscles.

These are the mental health skills that athletes need to enforce
Mon 02 03 2020

One of the recommendations to maintain good mental health is being physically active. However, does that mean that athletes and people with a high level of physical commitment do not face any mental issues? In fact, this is not true. Athletes face a lot of pressure which weighs their mental health down. So what are some of the mental skills that could be useful to keep them healthy?

Sleep or workout: how to choose when you’re in front of this dilemma?
Mon 17 02 2020

How many times have you wanted to sleep instead of going to your daily workout? Have you ever set an alarm to wake up and workout, and wished you could turn it off and go back to sleep? Many readers will be able to relate to these situations calling themselves lazy or unmotivated. However, what is the right thing to do when you feel tired and want to sleep? This article is what you need to take the right decision:

Full-fat or skim dairy; which one to choose?
Mon 17 02 2020

Sometimes we make choices related to our diet without understanding why. We might start consuming kale, drinking green smoothies or even changing our diets to vegan just because it is the trend. But what is actually the best for us? One of the food choices that are becoming more popular is fat-free dairy. While this is not a trend but a healthy option, one should know when to substitute the full-fat dairy with it and when not to. This article gives you the needed answer.

4 health formulas you need to calculate to lose weight
Mon 27 01 2020

When you decide to lose weight, all you think of is the food you will eat and the new workout plan you will implement. While these two things are very important for weight loss, other things should be taken into consideration. Many of the components that could help you lose weight are part of these important formulas you need to take into consideration:

10 tips on how to work out with an injury
Wed 22 01 2020

Working out leads to injuries that might force you to stop doing activities that require efforts and strength. However, many injuries can allow you to maintain your working out routine, however, you would need to follow some rules in order to stay safe and not worsen your injuries. The following are 10 tips you can adopt while training with an injury:

How to deal with increased hunger after a workout?
Tue 07 01 2020

After working out, you might fight yourself very hungry that you would consider eating a burger or pasta, forgetting about all the calories you have burnt during your workout. While the reasons for this hunger are many, they are quite normal. So how should you deal with them; surrender at the sight or smell of tasty, even if unhealthy foods, or find alternatives? Definitely, the alternatives are the winning answer in this dilemma. The following is a list of healthy ways that could help you deal with the immense hunger of a workout.

How to recover after a workout?
Thu 02 01 2020

Recovering is the process where your muscles and tissues are repaired and strength is rebuilt. Establishing a good post-workout recovery routine is important; it affects your fitness gains and future sports performance allowing you to train more effectively in upcoming training sessions. Many people neglect this important process and do not allocate enough time for it, so if you are one of these people then you must read this article to know more about the important steps of the recovery process.

These are the best physical activities to do in your 20s
Mon 23 12 2019

Exercising is very essential for every one of all ages. However, every age group has different physical abilities and skills as well as physical needs, which means, each age group needs to do some modifications to adapt their workouts for their bodies. For this reason, you can find some workouts for children and more advanced ones for adults. In order to know which workout is best for you, here is a brief guide about working out in your 20s.

Here is how working out helps you manage stress
Mon 16 12 2019

Stress is an unavoidable feeling that hunts everyone from young students to old grandparents.  Therefore, we can say that it is a normal part of our lives and we cannot escape it easily. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have negative effects on our lives and health. For this reason, we need to learn how to deal with stress even when it can be inevitable. Among the different ways of stress releasing, working out has been found on top of the most effective ones. So how can working out help you manage stress?

10 Healthy habits of athletes. Can you achieve them?
Mon 09 12 2019

Athletes are professionals who achieved big successes after years of commitment and practice. They are driven by dedication, self-discipline and amazing energy. Even though it might seem easy for us viewers to achieve their success, however, it does not mean it is impossible. What is common between all the athletes, other than their strong bodies, is that they have a set of habits to maintain their health, flexibility and drive high. So what are the main common habits among athletes?
Here are 10 of them:

5 Stretching exercises to do on your own
Wed 04 12 2019

Stretching helps you achieve a flexible body. In fact, flexibility gives your body the ability to perform better in all kinds of physical activities. Therefore stretching is a very important step in your workout plan or in your daily life.

Do you need to eat more when you start working out?
Mon 25 11 2019

After a workout, you might find yourself hungry and ready to eat a big meal. Physical activity burns calories and uses your glycogen storage leaving you feeling hungry. The more intense the activity the more hungry you will feel. But does that mean that you should listen to your body’ needs at this moment and consume as much food as it is asking you to? Should you eat more just because your body is asking for more food?

How important is stretching before and after exercising?
Mon 18 11 2019

Stretching is a very important and essential part of every workout. Among the many benefits it has, stretching keeps your muscles healthy and safe from injuries. Skipping this important step repetitively will result in many negative consequences. First of all, it will increase your muscles tightness and leave you sore the next day after a workout, it will decrease your physical performance and put you at higher risks of injuries, alongside many undesirable results.

So when should you stretch exactly?

Here is how you can use technology to achieve your fitness goals
Tue 12 11 2019

You might be doing everything possible to reach your fitness goals; from going to the gym, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and eating the healthiest food possible. All of these are great ways to achieve your objectives. However, have you ever tried involving technology in your process? While many people think that technology can be a waste of time during a workout or even a distraction, new technologies have proven to be beneficial in tracking and motivating humans into hitting farther physical targets. Let’s discover the best technological devices you can take advantage of during your next workout:

These are the best tips to raise healthy children
Mon 04 11 2019

After your kids are born, you want to offer them everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. However, sometimes you might become overwhelmed with your daily life that you start to tolerate some new habits that might be unhealthy. This is normal, but if you would like to get back on track, and work on making your kids the healthiest again, the following tips are everything you need.

Here is how to work out smarter, not harder
Wed 30 10 2019

When it comes to working out, some people might think that spending hours and hours at the gym, not missing one class and not resting enough, is the right thing to do in order to be fit and to reach the optimal body shape. This is called working out hard, however, it doesn’t mean it is the right or smart thing to do. So how can your workout smarter? A smart workout is the one targeted to meet your fitness goals in a planned and healthy manner.

Here is how physical activity can improve your mood
Tue 22 10 2019

Many psychologists would recommend their patients to do some physical activities to fight the negative feelings they might have. Alongside having many health benefits, exercising can affect your mood and make you a happier person. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

Do you have a pedometer? Here is why you need one in your life
Wed 16 10 2019

Almost everyone has had the need of becoming fit, but rarely that anyone does the effort to start this journey. Many reasons may be behind the unsuccessful attempts, but the main one is the lack of motivation.

Physical activity vs exercising: what’s the difference and which one is better for you?
Thu 10 10 2019

You might have used the terms “Physical activity” and “exercising” interchangeably, however, it seems like they do not have the same meaning. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, “Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.” The organization also draws the attention to the fact that physical activity and exercising are not to be confused together. It continues stating that “exercise, is a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and purposeful in the sense that the improvement or maintenance of one or more components of physical fitness is the objective.”

These are the best gadgets you need to take with you to the gym
Wed 02 10 2019

When it comes to working out at the gym, many people think of buying themselves the best pair of shoes and set of gym wear. They could spend their time trying to find the best outfit or trainers to achieve their goals. While we are not saying that this is not essential, many people overlook the gadgets that they need to buy to maximize their goals. While we have previously talked about how helpful a pedometer can be, here are few other gadgets you need to consider while working out.

The love-hate relationship between health and wealth
Fri 30 08 2019

When asked about the most valuable thing someone can have, many would think about money or materialistic and physical items. However, value is not about tangible possessions only, because in many studies where this question was asked, “health” was one of the main answers given. Which makes “health” and “wealth” two of the most common responses; we decided to study the relationship between these two.

5 healthy habits you need to adopt now for a healthier life
Fri 30 08 2019

Many people will find themselves postponing living a healthy life because they believe that it takes lots of effort and change to reach that purpose. This might be true; however, by starting to adopt and change few habits, a sedentary person can start his transition to a healthier version of himself.

These are the countries with the highest rates of obesity
Fri 30 08 2019

While many people seek being fit for cosmetic reasons, many stay away from obesity to avoid dealing with unwanted health risks. Being obese means that you are in danger when it comes to health problems related to your weight.

From Ocean to ocean; here is how activist Sam Bencheghib is spreading awareness against plastic pollution.
Fri 30 08 2019

Throughout the years, plastic have played major roles in our lives especially for being part of almost every item in our household. However, it has also been at the base of the pollution which became the biggest environmental concern today. According to Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society, 18 billions of plastic bags make it to the ocean yearly and only 9% of the global plastic production is being recycled. So can you imagine how much polluting plastic is being produced and thrown into our nature yearly?

Here is how StepChain can improve your health
Mon 16 09 2019

StepChain, a responsible fitness app is what you need to improve your health and finally reach your fitness goals. Its sole purpose is to fight and decrease obesity, believing in making the world a better place. Therefore, it does not matter what is your fitness level when you start using StepChain, because all you need to do is to move. So if you’re a runner, this app will help you upgrade the distance you usually run, and if you’re a beginner it will help you hit the upcoming milestones that will lead you to become an athlete one day.


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