How many times per week should you lift weights?
Wed 01 07 2020

Working out is one of the most important favors you can do to your body and health. But as we’ve mentioned in previous articles, working out more doesn’t always mean better. So while you need to work out a specific number of times per week, you need to choose what to include in each workout session. And since weight lifting is an important part of many people's workouts, they also need to know the healthy number of weight lifting training per week.

Here are some answers:

Know your level

If you are a beginner you cannot lift very heavy weights and you need to train by increasing the number of sessions or their intensity. So as a beginner, you can start by lifting a low number of weights, 2 times per week, and increase both with time. On the other hand, if you have been a lifter for quite a time, you need to assess the response of your body to weightlifting. Do you feel the same in all the sessions that involve lifting? Are you more tired during the workouts that take place at the end of the week or all of them feel the same? Being able to lift weight many times per week could mean that you are not challenging your muscles enough to be able to grow. Start by increasing the weight in this case.

However, the optimal number of lifting days per week is considered to be between three to five with enough resting between each. Modify this number based on your goal, and divide them between the upper part of your body (two days) and the lower one (three days). If you are training for 4 days or less, you can do full-body training for better results.

Also make sure that your training sessions are not too long, because lifting for long periods can higher your risk of muscle injuries. 

How many repetitions and sets

The number of repetitions and sets is also linked to your goal. However, there are some optimal numbers that you can follow. Starting with one to three sets of every exercise and doing a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 repetitions.

As for the weight, start with the one that you are sure that you can handle, and increase it gradually. It is mostly recommended that you increase the weight every 2 weeks or 15 days. When the weights become very high, take more time before you increase them. The stronger your body becomes, the more weight it is able to lift.

Which exercises to do?

To strengthen muscles in the major body parts, do at least one of these exercises for every category.

For the chest: Pushups, dumbbell chest press or bench press

For the back: Dumbbell rows, Lat pulldowns or pullups

For the shoulders and arms: Reverse delt fly, Upright rows or Overhead press

For the legs: Lunges, squats or Leg press

Make sure that you ask the trainer who is around you in the gym to know you’re doing your exercises the right way.