Everything You Need to Know About HIIT Yoga
Sun 11 04 2021

You might have heard of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Yoga as two separate terms. However, these two concepts came together to create HIIT yoga. HIIT Yoga is a combination of cardio-intensive exercises, lengthening and stretching the body. This combination helps to target the neglected muscles of the body and strengthening the stamina.

Here is How Blockchain is Bringing Gamification to Every Industry
Wed 07 04 2021

As we mentioned in previous articles, gamification techniques help to create content that engages consumers and helps the industry where it is applied to improve its revenues. This technique presents many opportunities to many industries that can apply it to their services and products. Blockchain is a technology that has added lots of value to the industries that have incorporated it already. It allowed transparency and ease of payment that traditional ways of payment did not offer. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. The distributed system of blockchain gives the chance of developing solutions that are efficient and transparent at the lowest costs possible.

Here is Why Central Banks Would Like to Create Their Digital Currencies
Wed 07 04 2021

Digital currencies are becoming more popular by the day. Today, banks are more interested in cryptocurrency and are considering the creation of their own.

From Ocean to ocean; here is how activist Sam Bencheghib is spreading awareness against plastic pollution.
Fri 30 08 2019

Throughout the years, plastic have played major roles in our lives especially for being part of almost every item in our household. However, it has also been at the base of the pollution which became the biggest environmental concern today. According to Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society, 18 billions of plastic bags make it to the ocean yearly and only 9% of the global plastic production is being recycled. So can you imagine how much polluting plastic is being produced and thrown into our nature yearly?

How Gamification and Blockchain Could Boost Engagement
Tue 23 02 2021

If you haven’t heard of the term gamification before, just as the name indicates, it is about incorporating game-like features in a platform. It is commonly used in platforms such as websites and online communities. It has been used and proven to drive engagement.