These are the sporting events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Thu 17 09 2020

The sports industry has been tremendously affected by the pandemic. Many events have been postponed, put on hold, or even canceled. And while this might sound like it is not a big deal, it is important to say that with every postponement or cancelation huge losses are being recorded. Players, teams and everyone working to make the team succeed are being affected by every decision of postponement or cancelation of the game. Media and fans are also affected, which proves that the sports industry comprises a huge number of people. In this matter, many events were affected by the COVID-19, and these events fall in different types of sports. Let’s discover in this article, which sporting events are affected by the COVID-19.

Will the current pandemic contribute to an increase in obesity rates?
Thu 17 09 2020

The world has been shocked with the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed almost all our habits and kept us confined in our houses. Even when we are confined at home in order to protect ourselves from the virus, we could still be putting our health at risk. One of the concerns that the pandemic raised, is whether obesity will be increasing after this crisis or not. Let’s try to understand in this article.

Is cryptocurrency worth investing in?
Thu 10 09 2020

You might be hearing a lot about cryptocurrency and could be asking yourself if it is worth the investment. In fact, there is no definitive answer to this question, as crypto could be a good investment for one person, and a bad decision for another. In this article, we will explore all the aspects that could help you make up your mind on whether cryptocurrency is worth investing in or not.

From Ocean to ocean; here is how activist Sam Bencheghib is spreading awareness against plastic pollution.
Fri 30 08 2019

Throughout the years, plastic have played major roles in our lives especially for being part of almost every item in our household. However, it has also been at the base of the pollution which became the biggest environmental concern today. According to Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society, 18 billions of plastic bags make it to the ocean yearly and only 9% of the global plastic production is being recycled. So can you imagine how much polluting plastic is being produced and thrown into our nature yearly?

Here is how StepChain can improve your health
Mon 16 09 2019

StepChain, a responsible fitness app is what you need to improve your health and finally reach your fitness goals. Its sole purpose is to fight and decrease obesity, believing in making the world a better place. Therefore, it does not matter what is your fitness level when you start using StepChain, because all you need to do is to move. So if you’re a runner, this app will help you upgrade the distance you usually run, and if you’re a beginner it will help you hit the upcoming milestones that will lead you to become an athlete one day.