How Motivation is important for Fitness
Tue 21 09 2021

What is the best way to get motivated? For many people, it's a tough question to answer. We all want to be happy and have great self-esteem, but sometimes this can seem impossible.  The truth is that you don't need an extreme change in your life in order for your motivation levels to improve--sometimes small changes will do. In this blog post we'll discuss how motivation is important for fitness and what you can do to increase yours!

Learn to create your Mantra
Tue 14 09 2021

Through our heads, every day, a million thoughts come and go. Dome ate positive, and others are negative, but we always seem to be affected by the negative ones. We always try to take them away by blocking them, but they seem to come back. The thing is, maybe we are just doing it the wrong way. Because through all these evil thoughts, we might need a strongly positive one that contains everything we need, and we call that a mantra. A mantra is a Sanskrit word that has been translated to English through many words like a hymn, a charm, a sacred message, a spell, and many others. A mantra is a thought we create that can slice through the negativity in the out head at any moment and cut all the evil thoughts. And we all need one of those in our lives.

Here is Why Central Banks Would Like to Create Their Digital Currencies
Wed 07 04 2021

Digital currencies are becoming more popular by the day. Today, banks are more interested in cryptocurrency and are considering the creation of their own.

From Ocean to ocean; here is how activist Sam Bencheghib is spreading awareness against plastic pollution.
Fri 30 08 2019

Throughout the years, plastic have played major roles in our lives especially for being part of almost every item in our household. However, it has also been at the base of the pollution which became the biggest environmental concern today. According to Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society, 18 billions of plastic bags make it to the ocean yearly and only 9% of the global plastic production is being recycled. So can you imagine how much polluting plastic is being produced and thrown into our nature yearly?