10 benefits of meditation to your physical health
Thu 25 06 2020

In a world governed by stress and anxiety, meditation is an important practice. Meditation is an ancient way for relaxation that has started in India and that is still used nowadays. In fact, meditation is not only a good way to heal your soul, but also to strengthen your body’s health. So what are the benefits of mediation for your body? These are ten benefits of mediation to your physical health.  

1. Can reduce blood pressure

Many studies proved that meditation has the ability to lower blood pressure just like medication. In fact, mediation increases nitric oxide which is a compound that makes us feel relaxed and also enlarges the blood vessels lowering blood pressure. After this, blood is pushed through a bigger tunnel while the amount is still the same, making the blood plumbing easier.

2. Can decrease symptoms of menopause

Some studies led in 2010 proved that activities that have meditation as their core foundation, such as tai chi and yoga, can reduce the most common menopause symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.

3. Can decrease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

While there is no enough evidence to prove this, a study done in 2013 have shown that including mindfulness can improve IBS’ pain.

4. Can help you keep addictions away

Meditation can increase self-control and lower dependencies over time and make you more aware of the triggers that could attempt you. Meditation can also strengthen your willpower and control the emotions that could lead you to make bad decisions, helping you avoid becoming addicted to something.

5. Can help you control pain

It is said that a person’s state of mind indicates how they perceive pain, for this reason, pain can feel stronger during stressful times. Furthermore, mediation is said to have the ability to decrease intermittent and chronic pains.

6. Can improve the cardiovascular system

Since meditation consists of long controlled breathing and sitting periods, it has the ability to decrease cholesterol and blood pressure (due to the increase of nitric oxide) which leads to better health, less physical tension, and more energy.

7. Can improve your immunity

Many studies have indicated that meditating regularly has the ability to help individuals fight illnesses and colds and control the pain caused by serious illnesses.

8. Can improve your sleep quality

Meditating before sleep can give you the calmness you need, and the required relaxation to sleep well. Meditate before bed for a minimum of 15 minutes as frequently as you can, especially during stressful times and you will see the difference in your quality of sleep.

9. Can decrease or eliminate postpartum depression

Studies have proven that meditation can eliminate stress and fear of labor pain for women, leading to a more peaceful birth and a lower probability of experiencing postpartum depression.

10. Can improve your skin quality

Given that your skin gets affected easily by your moods and the emotions you are going through, meditation can give you good skin quality. Use meditation to get rid of stress and negative emotions which can improve your skin.