5 healthy habits you need to adopt now for a healthier life
Fri 30 08 2019

Many people will find themselves postponing living a healthy life because they believe that it takes lots of effort and change to reach that purpose. This might be true; however, by starting to adopt and change few habits, a sedentary person can start his transition to a healthier version of himself.

To help you do so, here are 5 healthy habits you need to adopt in order to become:​​​​​​

1.Remember to sit in a healthy position

You might find yourself slouching in your chair at work several times during the day. This not only makes you feel tired and in pain, but also it will also make you very tense. Therefore, make it a habit to remember to sit in a healthy position to maintain a good posture to prevent any type of aches and stress on the ligaments. You can stick a small note on your desk that says: “Sit straight” and after few times this would become a habit. Furthermore, try to walk with your shoulders back and your head high until you become comfortable with this position.

2. Drink one extra cup of water and eat more vegetables and fruits

This is a tip you would hear while talking to any dietitian and this is because water, vegetables and fruits have so many benefits for your health. Water will not only keep you hydrated, but it will keep your body’s temperature normal, lubricating your joints and protecting most of your body’s sensitive tissues. Furthermore, including greens in your meals will add nutrients and water to your diet, helping you feel satisfied with a low number of calories.

3.Replace soda with healthier drinks

Most types of drinks rich in soda are high in sugar and calories, and can make you feel addicted to them, this is why you find yourself drinking them mindlessly. Start by replacing these drinks with healthier ones such as water, iced tea, fresh juices, sparkling water, water infused by fruits, etc. Some of the health benefits you will see when you stop drinking soda are: Better sleep, a better dental health, more energy, a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, better heart health and blood pressure, etc.

4. Chose to move as often as you can

You sure have heard the advice: “take the stairs instead of the elevator.” This an amazing habit to adopt but do not stop there. One of the methods you can use to motivate yourself to move more is to get a pedometer or a step counter, like StepChain, to track your level of activity every day.

5. Weigh yourself every week

Weighing yourself every week will help you keep track of how your weight is changing, and it will help you control it. Make sure that you do so on the same day and at the same time, wearing the same amount of clothing for consistency.

Which of these habits will you take on?