6 ways to boost your immunity system
Wed 27 05 2020

Our immunity system is the shield that protects us from diseases and viruses such as the Covid-19 that is haunting the world nowadays. Since the virus is pretty recent, and few studies are able to tell us who are most at risk of it, we are recommended to protect ourselves as much as possible. Of course, staying at home is a good way to stop spreading the virus, but how can we make our bodies protected and ready to fight? Boosting the immunity level is something essential and can be done when in quarantine. Here are 6 ways to boost your immunity system:

1. Reduce stress

When you get the cold many times in just one season, the high level of stress you put into your life can be blamed. In fact, stress produces hormones that have a negative effect on our immune system. Therefore, a logical thing to do to improve your immunity is to reduce stress. How can you do that? Start by achieving a balance between your work and life, take as many breaks as you need (whether 15 minutes breaks or vacations), and use techniques to calm yourself whenever stressed out.

2. Consume more vitamins

Vitamins are vital for our body, and the vitamins that give our immunity system a boost are A, B, C, D and E, alongside the minerals selenium, iron and zinc. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, dairy products and good quality poultry and fish. You can also take extra vitamin pills if you have been diagnosed with a certain deficiency.

3. Sleep well when you are tired

Not sleeping well leads to increasing stress levels in our bodies, which, as mentioned before, is bad for our immunity. If you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, it is time to slow down so your body has a clear idea of when it is really tired. Sleeping is important to help your body rest and be ready to fight any dangers trying to attack it. It helps to rebuild your immune system. So once in a while, let yourself sleep with no alarms, even if you slept more than 10 hours.

4. Reduce inflammation

Some foods are put in the category of inflammatory foods, such as alcohol, processed meat, sugar, and vegetable oils. Consuming these food makes the immune system busy trying to fight inflammation, leaving the other problems for later times. Therefore, avoid consuming these foods for a healthy immune system.

5. Be active

Moderate exercising can help fight off the stress hormones that are trying to attack your immune system. It also helps in releasing hormones that boost your mood and helps to strengthen your immunity. However, make sure you do not increase this level too much because an intensive level of working out can lead to exhausting your body and releasing stress hormones.

6. Stay away from smoking

Toxins found in smoking are really harmful to your body and immunity. In fact, smoking can lead to great infections such as influenza and pneumonia, illnesses that are consider longer-lasting, and it can also lower the level of protective antioxidants in your blood.