10 tips on how to work out with an injury
Wed 22 01 2020

Working out leads to injuries that might force you to stop doing activities that require efforts and strength. However, many injuries can allow you to maintain your working out routine, however, you would need to follow some rules in order to stay safe and not worsen your injuries. The following are 10 tips you can adopt while training with an injury:

1. Adopt adequate nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor for recovery. Therefore you need foods to improve the blood supply to your injury because it enriches the area with the oxygen and nutrients needed to heal. Avoid foods that can promote inflammation such as fried foods, drink a lot of fluids, and consume foods such as radishes, beets, and ginger which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Know when to make your exercises tougher

Whenever you feel pain while working out, even if very slight, make sure that you tone the exercise down, or even stop exercising.

3. Adopt the RICE method

This has nothing to do with food, however, I am sure your coach or trainer might have suggested one of these solutions: rest, ice, compression, elevation. This is a great way to treat your injury and cut swelling quickly, ease pain, protect the injured area, and hasten the healing process.

4. Use lighter weights to do more repetitions

This method is especially useful for when you are training the injured area. Use weights that are lighter than what you usually use, and do more repetitions than the usual in a slow manner.

5. Find new ways to workout

It is important that you keep your other muscles active even when you are injured. Adopt circuit training, for example, to give healthy muscles a chance to be active. These will help you stay fit and healthy without putting a lot of pressure on your injured area.

6. Work around the pain

If your injury is not quite serious, and you think the areas around it are able to be worked out, then try to use alternative movements to keep them active.

7. Make sure you have the right form

The main cause of injuries is adopting an inappropriate form while working out. Make sure to consult a trainer if you are not sure of your position to avoid other injuries.

8. Warm up the right way

Many people start their workouts without warming up, which is the “best” way to get an injury because outing tension on a cold muscle makes it more vulnerable to injuries. The best thing to do is start by slowly increasing the temperature of the muscle and stretching it out, you will be helping it to relax and be ready for the next workout.

9. Stay positive

Even when you feel that the situation is bad, stay positive and think that this injury will heal soon. Some researchers have found that being positive makes your body heal faster.

10. Prevention

Now you know how bad it is to be injured. All you have to do is to avoid all the mistakes you’ve done that led you to this injury. Make sure that you warm-up and stretch before and after your work out session, and that you use the right weights!