3 reasons why you need to take rest days
Wed 05 08 2020

It is recommended to train at least 3 times per week to stay fit and start seeing the result if that what your aim is. However when it comes to the maximum days in which you can train, the experts have some tips to give you. While everybody has different needs, it is very important that you don’t train every single day. No matter how tough your body and muscles are, you need to rest them for the optimal result and to keep them healthy. Therefore, the following are 3 reasons why you need to take few rest days every week.

1. Prevent injuries

Do you know why working out makes your body stronger and more resilient to training stimulus? It is because every time you work out, you get very small tears in your muscles. These are not bad for but overdone training can lead the small tears to become real injuries. This condition is called Overtraining Syndrome (OTS), which means that your central nervous system has been subject to ongoing stress and no rest days. When the situation becomes severe, your immune system will be affected as well, you will feel more tired, and your mood will be low most of the time. Avoid getting thereby giving your body enough time to rest after a tough workout.

2. Boost your morale and keep you motivated

As you already know, consistency is the key to a successful fitness plan, and not intensity as many people think and apply. Therefore, in the fitness world, to make progress, you need to follow the right path with progressive steps with some small steps instead of big ones with long breaks. For example, if you train very hard for a certain period of time, going to the gym every day, and then you stop working out for a whole month, you will not feel motivated to come back to the gym because you will have to start everything from the beginning. Instead work out in the intensity your body can tolerate and take breaks as often as you can to keep it ready for an upcoming workout. This will keep you motivated to burn some calories! If you are new to this, it is suggested that you work out 2 to 3 times per week and rest on the other days. When you feel that your body is becoming stronger you can increase your working out days to 4 and then to 5 with including rest days in between.

3. To better build your muscles

Of course, working out and weightlifting are what builds your muscles the best. However, these are not the only things you need to do. Yes resting is one of the things that make you build muscles stronger! Rest is the level of the cycle where your muscle tissue breaks down, to adapt to the strength acquired by the workout. Therefore, for your muscles to grow stronger, it needs enough rest and good nutrition to recover. An interesting fact is the majority of the recovery process happens during sleep, when the growth hormone is high, especially during deep sleep.