Importance of getting enough sleep to stay in shape
Thu 30 04 2020

Sleeping enough is very important for your body, and working out or staying active is also important. But how can sleeping affect your process of keeping your body in shape? In fact, fitness and sleeping can have tremendous effects on each other when combined. If you are physically active, meaning that you work out regularly then you need sleep more than others. In fact, sleep affects many aspects of your fitness life. Let’s discover them!

1. Your performance

As we said before, active people need sleeping more than non-active ones. A body that works out needs rest more than anything, and when you give it enough rest, mainly through sleep, you give it a chance to perform better. This means, that a well-rested body is able to do more intense workouts and experience lower levels of fatigue. A good night's sleep can help you prevent feeling exhausted and wanting to give up in the middle of your workout. The key to boosting your performance is to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, especially if you will be working out the upcoming day.

2. The recovery and rest process

Many people think that you build muscle during working out, while in fact, exercises tear your muscle fibers and it is during rest periods that you build strong muscles. This sheds light on the importance of recovery periods for fitness goals. Sleeping well makes you more energized and ready to take your workout to its fullest and build stronger muscles during your rest or recovery process. As a matter of fact, some athletes are required to sleep as much as 10 hours, because long periods of rest have the ability to make you stronger every time for the next workout. Furthermore, it helps to improve your hormonal balance and mental health.

3. Your diet

If you are wondering what is the relation between sleep and diet than you came to the right place. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people make more bad food choices than people who sleep well, and for this reason, they experience obesity more than others. Furthermore, having less than 7 hours of sleep has the ability to cancel the effects of dieting. Sleep deprivation can affect your fitness goals in two ways; whether by the bad food choices you make or by making your body burn less due to the decreased energy. Furthermore, the level of hormones that trigger hunger increases when you do not sleep well.

4. The composition of fat cells

Sleep is a very important component of good quality metabolism. Sleep-deprived people’s fat cells have a slow functioning than those of people who get full night’s sleep. Fat cells are important to store fat and release energy, so the slower their process is the more fatigued you will feel.

5. Your motivation

Motivation is important in achieving your fitness goals. Studies have shown that irregular sleeping patterns and not getting enough sleep can make you less motivated. So sleep well so you don’t feel like you want to skip your workout of the day!