8 of the most common fitness myths you need to stop believing
Tue 21 04 2020

Just like everything else, fitness is one of the areas where myths are created and circulated. A lot of these myths are believed by many people which might put them in danger especially when it comes to their health and fitness. The following are 10 of the most common fitness myths you need to stop believing.

1. Working out fixes what your bad eating habits mess

This is one of the myths that people do not want to stop believing. In fact, studies have shown that people tend to overestimate the number of calories they have burnt in a workout. Furthermore, your diet is 80% responsible for what you actually look like. Therefore, if you are looking for a fit body, make sure that you balance your workout routine with a healthy diet plan.

2. Women and men have to do different workouts

Even though men and women do not think alike, when it comes to body structure, they have the same one, however, what is different is the hormones that circulate in it. This means that their muscle strength is not the same, generally speaking. Yet, this does not mean that they need to do different workouts. In fact, men focus on their arms chest and abs the most, while women activate their glutes and legs the most, keeping out a big number of important parts.

3. You can reduce fat in one specific area

This is another myth! In fact, to lose weight you will need to do some intense workouts that include exercises deadlifts, dips and squats, in order to burn as much fat as possible.

4. Deadlifts will hurt your back

If you do your deadlifts the right way, using the correct technique your back will be safe from any kind of injuries.

5. Consume lots of proteins after lifting weight

While proteins are extremely important for people who work out, our bodies only digest up to 15 grams per meal. Any extra grams you consume will make you put on weight.

6. Working out on an empty stomach burns more calories

While this is somehow true because your body will burn the stored nutrients, it will not be able to produce enough energy to carry on an effective workout. Make sure you have at least a small snack 30 minutes before your workout, to avoid any unwanted feeling of dizziness and weakness.

7. Only eat the egg whites

It is true that egg yolks have more fat than the white part of the egg, however, this doesn’t mean they are harmful. In fact, studies have shown that the yellow part of the eggs comprehends the higher level of minerals and vitamins in the overall egg, as well as half the proteins.

8. Stretching before a workout helps you avoid injuries

If you stretch before a workout because you confuse stretching with warm-ups, then it is time to do some changes. Stretching puts your muscles to sleep, therefore you might need to do it after your workout for recovery.