The importance of having a strong lower body and how to do so
Wed 15 04 2020

The lower body area is constituted from the glutes, the quads, and the hamstrings. Many people make sure to incorporate a lot of exercises targeting these areas, however, their main goal is to create volume and shape in this area. While this is one of the consequences that you would achieve by doing lower body exercises, there is more to it than that.

What are the benefits of a strong lower body?

1. A strong lower body means better balance and agility

The lower body contains some of the largest muscles which are responsible for stabilizing your entire body. Making your lower stronger improves your balance and agility which makes you avoid falls and injuries especially during a workout. This is specifically essential for people who play basketball, rugby or football because they are improving their athletic performance. You will also feel more limber pursuing your everyday activities.

2. It makes you run better

If running is one of your favorite activities, strengthening your lower body muscles can bring you lots of benefits. It will not only help you run longer but also faster. This is specifically beneficial for athletes who play sports such as soccer, tennis or squash. Make sure you start increasing your deadlifts and squats repetition to improve your endurance levels and give your body more power.

3. Gives your stamina and metabolism a boost

Good stamina is what everyone, athletes or not, could benefit from. It could give you more power even for your everyday activities. In order to boost stamina, a person needs to make sure they have strong muscles in their lower body area. Well-muscled hips and legs can improve your power during your exercises making you feel like you are [putting less effort in them. This will also help you burn more calories and lose a lot more fat, which is amazing if you are looking to lose some weight.

4. It reduces pains

Muscle pain is something that everyone who works out is subject to. However, there are many ways to avoid it, one of them is making your lower body stronger. Strong muscle tissues avoid painful knots which means that less pain will be felt when working out.

5. Improves your posture

These muscles, if made stronger have the ability to give you a better overall posture. Why is that? Because the muscles of your lower body can stabilize and make steady, your entire core. You will be able to avoid neck and back pain that is due to a bad or poor posture.

6. Makes your bone health better

While calcium is essential for our bone health, it is not the only thing that makes our bone healthy. Some of the major bone issues such as Osteoporosis and arthritis decrease when the lower body strength increases. The bone joints, especially in this area, deteriorate when we progress in age, and building bone strength can be particularly helpful. Do so by repeating regularly the following exercises: calf raises, leg presses and deadlifts.