These are the best gadgets you need to take with you to the gym
Wed 02 10 2019

When it comes to working out at the gym, many people think of buying themselves the best pair of shoes and set of gym wear. They could spend their time trying to find the best outfit or trainers to achieve their goals. While we are not saying that this is not essential, many people overlook the gadgets that they need to buy to maximize their goals. While we have previously talked about how helpful a pedometer can be, here are few other gadgets you need to consider while working out.

1.Abs stimulator

Abs stimulators usually take the form of a belt or a small device with the shape of 6 packs, which you can wear on your abdominal zone or around your waist. Most of the abs stimulators work on the abs muscles only, while there are few devices that also stimulate all of your core muscles. This device usually uses electrical muscle stimulation known as EMS which aims at strengthening and toning your muscles. For optimal result, it is recommended to use the abs stimulator for a 6 weeks program, for half an hour 5 times per week. It is easy to wear and hide perfectly under your clothes; therefore, you can use it while doing some casual activities such as shopping or jogging.

2.Step and calories counter

This gadget is very common nowadays, especially with all the smartphone brands launching their own smartwatches. However there are many other forms of step counters; watch or wrist accessory, pedometer, small device that can be attached to accessories, etc. This gadget counts your steps by considering every tilt of the hip and forward movement of the leg as one step. It also calculates the calories burned during the activity or the day. Furthermore, it can tell you how many miles or kilometers you have passed during that day, and it also keeps track of all the data so you can compare your progress from day to day. The steps counter is a motivational device because it pushes users to try to achieve their daily goals and challenge themselves.

3. Device to measure body fat and muscle

You usually find this tool in the gym or at the dietitian’s clinics, however there is a small personal device that can keep track of both the fat and muscles percentage in your body. This device gives you detailed data about your activity and fitness levels. It measures your body’ fat percentage and provide muscles analysis. This will help you keep track of your body’s development and know how to improve your workouts and eating habits.

4. Blood pressure monitor

This is another gadget you need while working out. Just like its name indicates, this device keeps track of your blood pressure levels. It works just like the traditional blood pressure monitor; however, you can connect the blood pressure cuff to your smartphone instead of a traditional monitor. A specialized application will collect the data and save it as history for when needed.