5 facts about Pilates and 3 exercises you can do at home
Wed 29 07 2020

The word Pilates belongs to the family name of Joseph Pilates, the man who invented it. It is known as the art of control as it is a method where you learn to have control over your muscles, mind, and body. While you might have heard of Pilates many times, and you know some people who’ve already tried it, there might be some things that you still don’t know. In this article, we will present you with a few facts about Pilates and some exercises that you can do at home.

5 Facts about Pilates

1. It does not derivate from Yoga

Pilates is not a form of yoga, however, it is physical a system developed by a physicist, Joseph Pilates. In fact, Pilates benefits both physical and mental health just like yoga, but it is not a type of the latter.

2. It requires maximum concentration

As mentioned before, Pilates is about taking control of your body and mind, and this requires lots of concentration. It consists of lots of precise movements that you cannot achieve without being concentrated.

3. It has another name

Pilates’ other name is Contrology, and the reason behind this goes back to the day when it was being developed. In fact the founder named it Contrology because he believed that people who practice it will learn to constantly control their movements.

4. Breathing is essential

Pilates includes a series of exercises and slow movements that require attention and perfect breathing techniques. This is because lots of stress is let out of the body simply by breathing.

5. Quality is better than quantity

Pilates is for people who like to do things the right way. If you would like to practice it, you need to do a few things in a perfect manner. In fact the amount of energy you spend, your movements, the breathing, your posture, and the number of repetitions must be perfect in order to benefit from your Pilates classes.

3 exercises to do at home

1. Leg circle

Lie on you back and put your arms by your side with your palms down. Bend the left knee and place the left foot on the floor. Then extend the right leg to the up so it’s 90 degrees to the floor. With your right leg do the shape of half a circle in the air and bring it back to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

2. The one hundred

Lie on your back, and lift both of your legs up towards the ceiling, then lower them so they are at 45 degrees from the floor. Lift your head a little bit and flap your hands without letting them touch the floor. Do so while inhaling for 5 counts then exhaling for another 5 counts.

3. Single leg stretch

Lie on your back, and bring both your knees to your chest, with your hands on the shins, then lift your head slightly from the floor curling it up. Extend one leg, then bring it back to its place, alternating sides with the same movement. Make sure that throughout the exercise your lower back is on the floor and your core is engaged.