How to work out when you have kids at home?
Wed 29 07 2020

When you have kids at home, you might find it hard to work out and accomplish some tasks around the house. It might also be impossible to find someone to attend them or wait until they are asleep to finish your workout sessions. You cannot say goodbye to your workout, because it is what keeps you fueled up and sane in this lockdown. What you can do, is mixing family time and chores, with physical activity. These suggestions will help you work out in every room of your house, even when your kids are around.

In the kitchen:

  • Do step-ups on a stool or something that is not very elevated, when you are waiting for your recipe to be done, or the microwave to finish its round. Go up with the right foot, then step-up with the left one as well, then bring your left foot down, followed by the right one. Switch legs every once in a while to maintain a balance between the two legs.
  • When you are doing the dishes, reach up on your tiptoes to make your calf muscles stronger. Move around the kitchen to put away dishes in the lower cupboards.

In the dining room:

  • When you are cleaning under the table, you are very close to the pushup position. So why not do some? Do 10 full pushups before you get up.
  • Waiting for your kids to finish their food? Do 10 reverse lunges for each leg. This can also be a good way to explain to your children why it is important to be healthy and eat healthy in order to have a strong body.

    In the playroom:
  • When you are spending time with your kids, do a plank position for around 30 seconds, and try to stay for 1 full minute. Teach your kids to do the move with you to cheer them up and strengthen your bonds. This could be a good way for them to enjoy tummy time as well with their parents.
  • Do some burpees, jumping jacks, or squats. Turn these into a fun game with your children. Put some energetic music and show your kids how nice moves are done.
  • Crawl on the floor to put their toys in their place. Make sure your abs are engaged and extend your feet and arms while holding on your toes and palms.

    In the bathroom:
  • If your kids are still on the potty, it means that they need supervision. While supervising them, hold a plank position and bring one knee to your chest, and then switch between legs. Do 10 on each leg. If you still have time, try taking the exercise to the next level by trying to bring your knee close to your opposite shoulder.
  • When showering your kids, do some triceps dips on the edge of the bathtub. This will entertain your little ones even further.

Workouts like these, with your kids around, might not be complete, but they will be full of fun and enjoyable moments.