8 ways herbal tea can be beneficial for your health
Mon 20 07 2020

Tea is a drink that has been present in our lives for a long time now, and that has been used in healing many illnesses. In fact, tea comes in different tastes and even shapes. Herbal tea is one type of tea, made of different types of herbs and spices. Just like any other type of teas, this one has good benefits for your body. This article will expose 8 ways herbal tea can be beneficial for your health.

1. Herbal tea has anti-aging properties

Tea is rich in antioxidants that are very helpful in slowing down the aging process of the body. These antioxidants can prevent the damage caused by free radicals while rejuvenating the cells in your body. For this reason, people who drink lots of tea, tend to have younger skin, and most of the time a flawless one.

2. Herbal tea is amazing for detoxification

Detox has become more common nowadays among people, and tea is considered one of the best drinks for body detox. There many herbs that can be extra helpful for detoxes such as ginger, dandelion, lemongrass and milk thistle. These have properties that support your liver’s health, which usually conducts the natural detoxifying process in our bodies. Ginger can alleviate oxidative stress within the liver helping it to be more efficient n cleaning the body.

3. Herbal tea is helpful when you have digesting issues

Drinking one cup of herbal tea after meals, especially heavy ones, has been efficient in making you digest your food easier and faster. Herbal tea contains spearmint that acts as an appetite suppressant and has the ability to smoothen the digestive system. This helps reduce the desire to overeat and thus decreases even further the occurrence of digestive issues.

4. Herbal tea reduces inflammation in the body

Herbal tea is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that have amazing effects on your body. In fact, they can help you get rid of hemorrhoids, arthritis, gastrointestinal distress, and headaches. Choose herbal tea that contains eucalyptus, turmeric, peppermint and ginger, as these are very helpful for inflammatory issues.

5. Herbal tea can help you lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight than you might need the extra help of herbal tea. Some functional ingredients found in herbal tea, such as lemongrass, fennel, and physillium husk, can boost your metabolism and help you burn more fats and faster.

6. Herbal tea can boost your immune system

We’ve already mentioned that herbal tea is rich in antioxidants, but with the vitamins found in it, it becomes a great combination to keep infections and diseases away. It protects you from oxidative stress and lowers your risk of having chronic diseases. Try licorice root, ginger, elderberry, or Echinacea tea for the best immunity-boosting properties.

7. Herbal tea helps relieve nausea

When you feel nauseated or like you are about to vomit, drink herbal tea. It will relieve your nausea instantly. Pregnant women are recommended to drink this tea many times during the day.

8. Herbal tea can help you get rid of stress

Herbal tea is efficient in releasing stress and treating insomnia just like chamomile tea. It helps soothe the mind and let out chemicals in your brain area that can fight depression and stress. It is also a mild antidepressant if you ever suffer from issues like depression.