Are supplements able to boost your immune system?
Tue 14 07 2020

We have mentioned in previous articles that there are some vitamins that have the ability to boost your immune system. But what about the supplements that we take when we have a vitamin deficiency?

Usually, winter is the time when you start seeing ads for products that have the ability to improve your immunity and keep colds and the flu away. However, while you might have fallen for them before, microbiology experts say that there is no benefit that these products can really help you fight off diseases. They might not even add any benefit to your health. To better understand why it is essential to know the way the immune system functions given that boosting it is an abstract concept.

There is a balance between the immune system, that works to limit the ability of the bacteria, the parasites and the viruses from causing infection and the hyperactive one that can cause problems like diabetes, allergies and some other disorders related to the immune system. So if there was a product to boost immunity, it would target the autoimmunity and similar issues.

Supplement products:

The products that claim that they support or boost immunity, are usually probiotics and vitamin formulations. While vitamins are able to keep diseases and many health problems away, they are effective in this sense for people who are malnourished. For this reason, vitamin formulations are said to do very little help for people who are already healthy.

As for probiotics, it is true that the organisms and bacteria living in your gut can keep you healthy, even when scientists haven’t found a clear and final explanation for this.

In the meantime, we still need to adopt different strategies to stay healthy. These could include:

1. Keeping our hands clean

Germs are everywhere, and we cannot clean the world from them as they might, in many cases, be essential for our life. Since there is an unlimited number and type of germs on every surface around us, it would be preferable to clean ourselves instead, starting with our hands. Cleaning our hand is essential to avoid letting the germs move inside our bodies through our nose, eyes and mouth, which we touch very often.

2. Staying in shape

A balanced and healthy diet as well as a decent level of physical activity can be very essential in making our immunities strong enough and working well.

3. Keeping stress under control

High stress levels can have huge effects on our immunity levels, and for this reason, you might find yourself catching the flu many times when you are much stressed. Try your best to manage the stress level in your life, for the sake of your immunity.

4. Getting vaccinated

Vaccines against flu and similar diseases can strengthen your immune system and protect you against these illnesses. In fact, vaccines teach your immune system to identify the pathogens and fight them t keep the body healthy.

Make sure you adopt all of these strategies to stay healthy!