Eating healthy during quarantine; stay away from canned and processed foods
Fri 10 07 2020

Numbers have shown a significant increase in the number of sales of processed foods like soda and chips, in the last quarter of the year. This means that people are consuming more of these foods during their quarantine. However, as per WHO’s website, it is recommended to stay away from these foods. In this article we will expose the different negative consequences of canned and processed foods, and why you need to stay away from them during quarantine.

Canned foods:

Canned foods, are foods that are put in airtight containers and have the ability to last a quite long time in the pantry. These foods are processed, sealed, and heated to kill germs. Some of the common canned foods are fruits, vegetables, seafood, soups, beans, and meats.

While it is believed that the nutrients level in canned food is the same in fresh foods, the vitamin level is affected during the canning process and can be lost.

Another downside of these foods, is that they may contain BPA, which has been associated with some heart diseases. They can also be filled with preservatives, sugar, and salt to preserve their appearance or taste.

Processed foods:

Processed foods are foods that have been packaged, canned, cooked, frozen, or had their nutritional composition modified by being prepared in different ways. In fact, every time we prepare food (by cooking, baking, etc.), we are processing it.

Processed foods include cheese, bread, savory snacks, meat products, soft drinks, chips, etc.

In fact there are many categories of processed foods, which could predict if these foods are healthy or not. These are: Minimally processed, foods with added ingredients for flavor and texture, ready-to-eat foods, heavily processed foods.

Processed foods are known to be packed with sugar and sodium, which could be harmful to your health if consumed in excess.

Based on what has been mentioned above, canned and processed foods are not extremely unhealthy foods. However, it is always recommended to stay away from them and consume fresh foods, that contain unprocessed or modified nutrients and vitamins.

Since quarantine is a period that aims at keeping us safe from an uncontrollable virus, we need to stay healthy inside of our homes as well. To fight the virus, we must feed our bodies healthy foods to protect our immunity levels. And for this specific reason, processed and canned foods, as well as ready meals, are better to be avoided.

As a matter of fact, one of the main nutritional tips given by nutritionists for quarantine, is to limit fat, sugar and salt intake. These three components are present at high levels in the mentioned foods, and it is recommended to consume less than 5 grams of salt and a very low level or no fat at all per day.

Processed foods, just like fried foods, contain a high amount of saturated fat, so for a safer choice, avoid consuming them.

Are you eating healthy during your quarantine?