8 benefits of taking probiotics for your health
Mon 22 06 2020

Your body is made of many bacteria, some are good and others are bad. Probiotics are one of the good types of bacteria, especially for the digestive system. They are important to keep your gut healthy. You usually get your probiotics from foods that are made by bacterial fermentation, or by supplements. It is important to better understand the benefits of probiotics for your health; therefore, we bring you eight benefits you must know about.

1. Balance the bacteria in your digestive system

An imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system means that there are many bad bacteria there. This can be caused by medications (for example antibiotics), a bad diet, or illnesses. Some bad consequences can result from that imbalance, such as allergies, obesity or even mental health issues. Therefore, if you need to regulate the good bacteria in your gut, you need to consume foods rich in probiotics such as fermented foods or even supplements. Do not worry they are safe for almost everyone.

2. Can prevent or heal diarrhea

Diarrhea can be caused by different reasons; one of them can be taking antibiotics. The latter can affect the balance of bacteria in your gut in a negative way, and the use of probiotics can reduce diarrheas resulting from antibiotics.

3. Help improve some mental health issues

This might sound odd, but many studies have found that probiotics have the ability to improve some mental health issues such as anxiety, memory issues, depression, and others.

4. Can keep your heart healthy

Probiotics can do so by lowering your LDL or bad cholesterol as well as your blood pressure. It does so by breaking down bile (a liquid mainly made of cholesterol that helps in digestion) in the gut just like some other lactic acid-producing bacteria.  Breaking down bile prevents it from being absorbed another time by the gut, and enter the blood as cholesterol.

5. Can reduce allergies and eczema

Many symptoms caused by eczema and allergies symptoms can be improved, especially in children, after taking probiotics.

6. Can reduce digestive disorders

Studies have shown that probiotics can improve symptoms of certain digestive disorders; the most common is mild ulcerative colitis.

7. Can boost the immunity system

Probiotics have the ability to boost your immunity by decreasing the level of bad bacteria. They can also promote the production of some natural antibodies in your body, boosting furthermore your immunity.

8. Can help you lose belly fat and weight

Probiotics have been found effective at helping you lose weight in many different ways. One of them is by preventing the intestine from absorbing dietary fat, pushing the fat to leave the body by the feces rather than stay in the body. It can also help you feel fuller for longer hours, avoiding eating too much. However, pay attention to the type of probiotics you are taking, as not all of them are effective in that matter.