Are weight loss pills good for you? Here are their pros and cons
Tue 16 06 2020

In an era where everybody is trying to lose weight, many ways have been tested. From diets to exercising, weight loss or diet pills come in between in the list of ways to lose weight. Even if you have never tried them before, these pills are widely used and the opinions about them might be different. In case you are willing to try them anytime soon, you might be interested in reading the following article in which we will expose some of the pros and cons of weight loss pills.

Pros of weight loss pills

1. Improve your health

Weight loss pills are artificially crafted diet pills that have a primary aim which is to make you lose weight. However, their weight loss effect is minimal making you lose between 5% and 10% of your total body weight. For an obese person, this percentage can make a big difference, as it could mean losing 4 to 5 kilograms, and this loss can improve your health in many ways. The main changes you could see due to taking these pills are; enhanced insulin sensitivity, decreased blood pressure, improved physiological functioning.

2. Effective weight loss

Of course weight loss’ pills main aim is weight loss. While many people have tried different ways to lose weight, these pills have been more efficient to them than any other method. Obese bodies can benefit tremendously in diet pills in just a few weeks. In fact, if your Body Mass Index is higher than 30, the best method to start your weight loss and getting in shape process is these pills. It is important that you consult your doctor to know which pills are the best for you. Also, losing weight with these pills is easy and will motivate you to make more effort to lose more weight.

Cons of weight loss pills

1. Some major negative side effects

While we’ve mentioned before that these pills can improve your health, they are also proved to bring negative side effects to your body. The chemical in the pills can give you sleep difficulties, increase your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as making you feel light-headed and extremely thirsty.

2. You can become addicted to diet pills

It is approved that addiction is bad, imagine how bad it would be to be addicted over something that is supposed to make you healthy? This addiction can lead to further health complications that would make losing weight even more difficult. Therefore taking these pills for a limited period is essential.

3. They are unnatural ways of losing weight

Diet pills are synthetically made and contain unnatural agents and harmful chemicals that are bad for the human body. This composition could lead to negative effects on the body.

4. They could damage the adrenal gland

We’ve mentioned before that diet pills increase your heart rate and blood pressure which leads to increasing the stress on the adrenals which could reduce the adrenal glands affecting the metabolism of the person taking these pills.