6 workouts that are optimal to fight mental health issues
Fri 12 06 2020

Caring for your mental health is as equally important as caring for the health of your body. One thing that you can do, that has been proven to be beneficial for your brain and body, is physical activity. While physical activity, in general, is beneficial, there are some specific workouts that are considered the best, in case you are struggling with some mental health issues. The following article talks about 6 workouts that are optimal to fight mental health issues.

1. Walking or running

Running gives you a boost of energy and positivity. Running outdoors, in particular, has been found to be as effective as taking antidepressants in order to treat a moderate level of depression. This sport type is not only easy, but it gives you time to think over the issues that have been crowded in your brain. Releasing positive hormones during the workout helps you think through your issues one by one.

2. Boxing

You’ve heard that hitting a punching bag can be beneficial to release negative emotions. In fact, this is true. Short rounds of punching and rest, releases endorphins which can relieve stress. Also, boxing helps you stay focused on one task which keeps your mind off other thoughts that can be troubling.

3. Pilates

While many do Pilates because of the benefits it brings to your core strength and back health, it is very beneficial for your mental health as well. In fact, the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, said that it gives control to the body over the mind. It is considered a mindful activity, given that it makes you focus on the techniques and the feelings that your body is going through.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a great workout that integrates the mind and body to create a balanced mental health. It is a great way to focus on your mind and understand what you need physically, mentally and emotionally. You can choose the type of yoga you prefer given that all of them focus on the balance of the yin and yang which are the gentle and forceful energies we have within.

5. Spin classes

Spin classes are all about loud music, lightings and fun, and rapid movements. It helps you focus on the present moment, leaving all your worries behind. Regular exercise plays an important role in neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells, which makes us focus and learn better and faster.

6. Resistance training

Resistance training consists of bodyweight and weighs exercises which can impact not only your physique but also on how you feel. Building muscles and self-esteem is a great way to keep anxieties at bay. Low to moderate resistance training has the ability to decrease anxiety and may help to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, regulating your moods and fatigue.

When your physical strength increases, your self-confidence will be given a boost as well, which can make you feel more satisfied with yourself, and keep all the negative thoughts and emotions away.