5 reasons that explain why you are gaining weight while working out
Wed 03 06 2020

A lot of people work out as a way to lose the extra pounds they have. They commit to a training plan and make sure to be at the gym 5 or 6 times per week. They put all the effort needed to make that work and start seeing results when their clothes are now loose, or when they feel their shape and waste are now firmer. But all this hype goes to waste when they get on the weight scale and find that their weight has increased rather than decrease. Why is that? The following are 5 reasons that explain why you are gaining weight while working out.

1. You are gaining muscles weight

When you work out, you gain muscles which weigh more than fat. However, don’t be bummed, this is a major win for your body. Even if muscles weigh more than fat, it takes less place in your body and makes it healthier. So if you are being healthy and working out well, then the number on the scale does not matter at all.

2. You are not following the right diet

If you are consuming a higher number of calories than you are actually burning at the gym, then you might not be losing the weight you want to lose. Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and giving the priority to what you consume and how much you burn off, in order for the number on the scale to go down.

3. Water retention

Your body may retain water for many reasons. But when you work out, water retention could happen because our body is trying to provide healing to our muscles. The fiber in your muscles tears down during the process of muscle building and could cause inflammation in the body which leads to water retention. In order to fight water retention, start by giving your body the amount of sleep it needs, avoids the stress and feeds it nutritious food.

4. Glycogen Conversion

Your body converts glycogen or sugar, into glucose to give your body the energy it needs to fuel your muscles. The longer you’ve been exercising, the more accustomed your body becomes to this process, and your muscles will need less glycogen to produce energy. When you reach that stage, you will experience a significant weight loss because your muscles will retain less water.

5. You could be sleep deprived

Sleep is very important for the recovery process of your muscles. Not sleeping enough disturbs this process by boosting the level of hormones responsible for hunger. You will end up craving a lot of food, and if you don’t have a strong will to say no every time (which is every one of us) you will end up eating much more than you burn. Bad sleep also affects your workout the next day, which means that you will be consuming more and burning fewer calories, which leads to weight gain.