Is cardio enough to lose weight?
Fri 24 04 2020

Cardio is one of the most common types of exercises. In fact, as the health website, mentions; “cardiovascular exercising is a set of activities with oxygen.” This could explain the sweat that you experience during this workout, due to the engagement of large muscle groups, controlling breathing and requiring respiration, as well as increasing the heart rate. While many people think of cardio workout as a good way to lose weight, some experts have a different opinion. Is cardio enough to lose weight? Read on.

Why cardio helps you lose weight?

In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. This could be achieved through a healthy diet and also some exercises that help you burn a big number of calories consumed.

Cardio exercises burn more calories than other types of exercises because they engage large muscles group and require more oxygen. There are different types of cardio exercises, and each one of them burns a different number of calories. The following is a list of cardio workouts and the number of calories they burn per 30 minutes:

  • Running and cycling: 295 calories each
  • Swimming: 255
  • Hiking: 185
  • Dancing: 165
  • Walking: 140

How often do I need to do cardio to lose weight?

As mentioned previously, you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. Therefore, track the calories consumed daily, and make sure you burn more than this number during your workout. on the order hand, the recommended daily time for working out ranges between 75 to 150 minutes of intensive cardio per week, in order to see considerable changes.

What happens to your body if you only do cardio?

Now to answer the main question of the article, we will explore the main effects that you can experience doing only cardio:

1. You lose muscle mass

In order to build muscles, you need much more than just cardio. You need a workout that incorporates not only cardio but also flexibility and muscular training.

2. You don’t lose as much fat as you think

It’s true that cardio helps you lose weight, however, through time, your body will get used to the routine you adopt and will start burning less fat. Experts recommend that you do a different type of trainings in order to build muscles, which helps you feel more energetic to work out, and by that burn more fat in every session.

3. You will be sore

Cardio takes your body’s ability to the limit, which makes it need rejuvenating exercises such as yoga more than ever. If you don’t do so, you will feel soreness and pain for a long time.

4. You could experience long term health conditions

Workouts that require only cardio, puts you at a high risk of injuries, breakdowns and joint pain.


Cardiovascular workout is essential to lose weight, but it is not enough to adopt it alone. Make sure that you do more than cardio in order to build muscles and lose weight more effectively.