How to fight laziness and become committed to your workout routine?
Thu 23 04 2020

Sometimes, after a long day at work, you could find sitting on your couch and watching TV for the rest of the evening very tempting. By doing so, you would be skipping your workout routine for the day and putting yourself at risk of doing so more than just one time. If you have found yourself skipping your workouts due to laziness then you are looking for ways to fight it and become committed to your workout routine. Here is what you can do:

1. Set a goal

Most people work out because this is what everyone they know is doing. If you are working out for no specific reason, you are very likely to skip workouts and feel lazy. Instead, set a goal that will help you commit to your workout. Do you want to lose weight, get abs, or run 10 kilometers? Think of something that you want to achieve on the fitness level and dedicate your workouts to it. You can set deadlines to keep yourself motivated to achieve all the sessions right on time.

2. Adopt a different perspective

This is related to what we talked about previously. After you’ve set a goal, start by shifting your mentality from one that is lazy and adores sitting on a couch, to one that would do everything to keep their bodies healthy and fit. A mother kept using her children and her busy life schedule as an excuse to skip workouts, however; one day she changed her perspective. She started thinking of being active as a way of inspiring her kids and becoming a good example for them. This made her feel motivated to accomplish the session of the day to impact her children with the results.

3. Keep inspirational pictures around your space

This is a very simple thing to do, and while it sounds like it doesn’t have much effect, it actually does. I followed this tip by making the background of my phone’s lock screen, an image of a person working out. Every time I saw the picture I felt that it would be very nice to be active now or in the near future. Looking at pictures of your end goal can create excitement within you and helps you commit to an active lifestyle. So what is your goal? Having 6 packs? Put a picture of a person with 6 packs on your work desk and look at it every day, it won’t take you long before you say; I can have this body too!

4. Change some negative habits

Some negative habits can put you in the mentality of “I am not healthy enough, so it doesn’t matter if I continue my workout or not”. Eliminate these habits or replace them with healthier ones. Make your snacks healthy and light, spend less than 1 hour of watching TV every day, remind yourself to drink more water, etc.

5. Motivate someone to workout

While this might sound odd, it can be helpful. Motivating people to do something makes you even more motivated to do it yourself. So the next time you see someone with a lazy mentality, tell them about 5 benefits of working out. These will remind you to do so yourself!