How Motivation is important for Fitness
Tue 21 09 2021

What is the best way to get motivated? For many people, it's a tough question to answer. We all want to be happy and have great self-esteem, but sometimes this can seem impossible.  The truth is that you don't need an extreme change in your life in order for your motivation levels to improve--sometimes small changes will do. In this blog post we'll discuss how motivation is important for fitness and what you can do to increase yours!

Motivation is the driving force that pushes you to keep going, even when things are difficult.  In order for fitness success to happen, motivation has to be there in all aspects of your life--this includes both physical and mental health.

- There are many ways we can increase our levels of motivation:

Reward yourself after achieving a goal by doing something enjoyable or getting rid of an obstacle from your daily routine  E.g., instead of snacking on junk food because it's what you would normally do if it were available at work, make sure healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts are easily accessible so they become the default choice for quick energy before a workout session; this way you'll get accustomed to making healthier choices for your snack, and the junk food will seem less appealing.

Join a fitness group to help increase the amount of social support that is available in your life; this can be done through online forums or joining a local gym with people who share similar goals as you do.  I personally joined my mom's walking club when she started it up--I felt so much more motivated because it was like having friends who were also making healthy lifestyle changes!

- There are many different ways we can motivate ourselves even without an extreme change in our lives: small changes such as these will get us closer towards achieving success than not doing anything at all.  What motivates you?