5 Tips to Adopt when Returning to the Gym after Lockdown
Wed 07 07 2021

With lots of countries lifting lockdown rules, more and more places are opening for the public and gyms are one of them. While many took the opportunity of being quarantined at home to be active and improve their physical health, others were not as active as they should have. For both types of people, the reopening of the gym can be beneficial. Therefore, if you are going back to the gym after the lockdown, you need to keep these tips in mind.

1. Maintain social distancing

Your gym experience after the lockdown is not the same as before it. And since the virus is not totally expired, it is important to maintain social distancing even at the gym. You might need to clean the equipment after using them, and book time slots to keep the number of people limited in the gym. If you go to the gym and other people are working out, remember to keep a distance of 2 meters between you and others.

2. Prepare for your workout

If during your home workouts you have been skipping your warming up sessions, it is time to get back to that routine. Preparing your body for the workout is essential as it will help you prevent injuries by improving your blood flow to the muscles and by loosening the joints, which makes you less prone to muscles tearing, ripping, and twisting. Stretching is also important to avoid pains and aches after a workout.

3. Give more attention to form and technique

Now that you have taken few months off, it is the right time to focus on your form especially when you are doing heavy exercises such as deadlifts, squats, or lifts. It is important to focus on the muscle group that is targeted. A good technique will help you to stay away from injury and help you rebuild strength and fitness instead of doing your movements very fast.

4. Don’t start with a high level

This depends on how active you were during the lockdown, but usually, the first week at the gym can be very hard. Therefore, you need to start slowly and take it easy on yourself to be able to reach your previous or desired level. Do not feel ashamed for lowering your repetitions or weights, as you need to be gentle with yourself. It is recommended that you start at 40 to 60% of your original weights for few sessions before you start increasing gradually. You should increase the weight based on how you feel after your training and how fast you are recovering.

5. Sleep well

Sleep is the best way to recover your tired and worked-out body. Even if your body was relaxed throughout the last period of time, sleep becomes more crucial now that you are being active. Make sure you are getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to allow your body to rest and recover properly.