5 Exercises in Which you Can Use Kettlebells in Your Workouts
Tue 06 04 2021

Kettlebells are important in your workouts for many reasons. They can help to improve your stabilization, your mobility, your speed and power, your cardiovascular potential, your muscle strength, and size, reduce injuries, and are fun and motivational. Therefore, if you are looking for exercises in which you can use kettlebells in your workout, in this article we will present you with 5.

1. Squats

Squats are essential to strengthen your hamstrings, quads, and butt. While squats are beneficial by themselves, adding kettlebells to the workout can help increase the resistance of your body which challenges your muscles even more. Furthermore, the use of kettlebells close to your chest leads to a better and correct form while doing squats. The proper way to do a squat is to stand with both feet parallel to your shoulder, with your toes slightly turned out, and holding the sides of your kettlebell with both hands, at the height of your chest. You should bend your knees and hips until you are performing a deep squat and your butt is lower than your knees.

2. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are also beneficial for the butt area but also for the back of the legs. They can also challenge your core because while performing a deadlift you are supposed to keep your abs tight so your back is not arching. In this exercise, you can choose a heavier weight than for the squat since you will not be bending your elbows but you will be using your glutes, which are considered the strongest muscles in the body.

3. Suitcase lunges

This is another move for the legs and the butt, however, in this exercise, it is essential that the kettlebells do not swing, but stay stable on each side like suitcases. Swinging kettlebells means that you are not in control of the exercise and your back is prone to injuries. You can start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms should be by your sides while holding a kettlebell in every hand. Then, take a step to the front lowering your body down, as you do during walking lunges. Your back should be straight, your shoulders to the back, and your core well engaged during the exercise. This exercise is also called farmer walk.

4. Sit-ups to press

Adding kettlebells to this exercise has extra benefits for your core. The press engages your arms and shoulders, so more parts of your body are benefiting. Your knees could be in a butterfly position or simply bent.

5. Kettlebell Swings

This exercise cannot be performed without kettlebells. The kettlebell swings are great for your lower back, legs, and butt. You can use heavier weights in this exercise however, make sure that you master the technique with lower weights before you increase. To perform a kettlebell swing, start by thrusting your hips very well so the kettlebell swings up. Do not use your arms, and make sure your butt is squeezed when the kettlebell is swinging to the top.