How Gamification and Blockchain Could Boost Engagement
Tue 23 02 2021

If you haven’t heard of the term gamification before, just as the name indicates, it is about incorporating game-like features in a platform. It is commonly used in platforms such as websites and online communities. It has been used and proven to drive engagement.

For some time, gamification gave its spot to other technologies to shine, during that time, blockchain got so much attention. However, can these two technologies operate together for better engagement?

Blockchain is a technology that is based on a system that aims to change the world. The applications of blockchain are crossing industries and sectors by driving efficiency and automating the tasks at hand.

The features that this application offer, alongside the combination of blockchain and gamification, has great effects on engagement and can improve the latter. Basing solutions of blockchain and gamification allows organizations to influence their targeted audience and increase their level of engagement to the maximum. The gamification concept will be in charge of creating engaging style and content. On the other hand, blockchain will be in charge of automating tasks. It will allow organizations to manage processes effectively all by reaching a wide audience. Adding the concept of gamification to blockchain helps reach the audiences more engagingly so that the outcomes of the process are maximized.  Applying blockchain and gamification can create a micro-utility that progresses engagement meaningfully.

The use of blockchain led to the development of tokens. The Tokenization feature is considered one of the best features of blockchain. It allows users to cultivate tokes for different ideas and programs. The value of these is notable as it gives the users the ability to exchange and make use of information, which permits flexibility.

Gamification is often used to spike the engagement of users by inspiring them to perform some actions. If we take loyalty and rewards programs as an example, we can apply gamification to encourage users to redeem their rewards once they acquire them. Adding blockchain to the mix can lead to significantly impressive results as blockchain tokens offer functionality and flexibility that encourage the performance of the desired action which is redeeming rewards. Therefore, for reward and loyalty platforms, blockchain and gamification have special features that can be combined for maximum outcomes and this is possible because the nature of blockchain applications is cost-effective.

It is becoming more prominent for organizations to acknowledge the synergistic potential of blockchain and gamification and they are creating new solutions that involve both technologies.

Blockchain has many benefits, including being efficient, cost-effective, secure, and productive. When it comes to efficiency, blockchain helps with the management of a large volume of data that comes from diverse sources. It also guarantees a high level of security because every transaction is verified and limited to involved parties. Blockchain is also considered cost-efficient due to its measure to manage huge volumes of transactions.

Gamification is used to improve engagement by using creative features similar to games. The use of gamification techniques alongside blockchain in organizations is helpful to reach out to a wider audience and by that increase engagement.