These are the best physical activities to do in your 20s
Mon 23 12 2019

Exercising is very essential for every one of all ages. However, every age group has different physical abilities and skills as well as physical needs, which means, each age group needs to do some modifications to adapt their workouts for their bodies. For this reason, you can find some workouts for children and more advanced ones for adults. In order to know which workout is best for you, here is a brief guide about working out in your 20s.

It is important to include exercises of cardio, weight training, balance work, and stretching. Professionals propose doing cardio exercises 3 to 5 times a week. So if you like running, swimming, cycling, or even walking, make sure that you start your workout or end it with 20 minutes of this activity. It is important that you choose a cardio training that you enjoy so you can do it consistently and properly for a longer time. Another recommended workout is weight training. It is advised to practice it for a minimum of twice per week. This will challenge all the major muscle groups such as the back, the chest, the arms, the core, the shoulders, and the legs.

1. Consider cross training

During your twenties, your body is at its optimal health condition and physical abilities, therefore, it is ready to handle big efforts and be challenged. Your muscles are young enough to recover quickly, for this reason; cross training is the most recommended physical activity. Adopting these two types of activity means combining strength and cardio elements.

2. Consider weight training

Nutritionists have noted that few people, especially women, tend to train using weights. They also shed light on the importance of this training to increase bone density during this age, as well as build muscles and improve body composition. The key to the best weight workout is targeting large muscle groups. Make sure you incorporate in your workouts lots of squats, standing presses, deadlifts and another exercising of the powerlifting type. Do not forget to ask your coach for recommendations and position corrections to make sure you are safe from injuries.

3. Yoga has a lot of benefits for your 20s body

Yoga is known to be excellent for the soul, mind, and body of all ages; however, it is particularly beneficial for young people in their 20s. Yoga gives you a healthy posture and a spinal alignment, which are essential for people who are sitting on their desks for the most part of the day. Furthermore, it will make your muscles looser, especially if you already have extra muscle mass in your chest and shoulders. This usually is more beneficial for men since they have more muscles in these areas, compared to women. People in their 20s need more mobility and flexibility to make up for the hours spent sitting or glued to their phones or laptops, and with minimal physical activity.

If you are in your twenties, then you need to adopt at least one of these physical activities to benefit from the additional advantages it will bring for your young body.