10 Healthy habits of athletes. Can you achieve them?
Mon 09 12 2019

Athletes are professionals who achieved big successes after years of commitment and practice. They are driven by dedication, self-discipline and amazing energy. Even though it might seem easy for us viewers to achieve their success, however, it does not mean it is impossible. What is common between all the athletes, other than their strong bodies, is that they have a set of habits to maintain their health, flexibility and drive high. So what are the main common habits among athletes?
Here are 10 of them:

1. They warm-up

Prior to any high-intensity workout, athletes start with a warm-up that can include exercises such as jumping jacks, arm circles, pushups, lunges, and squats to warm up their muscles. Warm-ups before working out helps avoid injury, improve performance, and can even ease soreness. Start your workouts with a warm-up no matter how light it is.

2. They rest and take the recovery process seriously

Athletes make sure that their muscles rest enough and are not overworked and tired to avoid injuries. They give them time to recover even if it means that they need to skip a game.

3. They challenge themselves even during off-seasons

Off-seasons are when athletes do not have a game or do not have to compete. During these times, they do not stop their workouts, but instead, they double the efforts during these seasons to compete stronger in the next season.

4. They listen to their bodies

Athletes put all their effort into the game and competition they are participating in. However, they must listen to their bodies when it tells them that they are tired and need to slow down, or they will harm themselves, which will affect the upcoming games.

5. They don’t postpone workouts

No matter what temptation pops in their minds, they make sure to never skip their workouts in order to maintain a high level of physical performance.

6. They take a time-out

Just like we mentioned before, athletes take breaks in order not to overwork their muscles. They also take breaks during their workouts where they do nothing for 10 minutes. Do you do that?

7. They put quality over quantity

It’s actually much more efficient to do each repetition right than to make a lot of repetitions. You’ll get better results following this strategy and keep injuries and bay.

8. Stay hydrated

To be hydrated is essential for the best energy and performance level. Athletes start their day with two big glasses of water and keep drinking until they go to bed.

9. They have strong cores

A strong core essential for the athletes, this is why they do abs workout every day. The optimal abs workout routine of athletes consists of 20 different versions of crunches, done for 25 seconds each nonstop.

10. They sleep enough, and well

Sleeping well is crucial to maintain a good health and energy level for athletic performance. The recommended number of hours is between 7 and 9 hours depending on your body needs. Taking a nap can also be helpful and can help you feel refreshed.