What are the effects of a community on your fitness goals?
Thu 19 11 2020

Working out surrounded by a community can have lots of good effects on your fitness goals. In fact, just thinking of the thought of working out with people who support you, you feel a positive boost that makes you want to give your best. So what are the effects of being surrounded by a community on your fitness goals? Let’s find out!

1. It can increase your commitment to your fitness goals

Working out with a group can enhance your motivation, which increases the inspiration, duration, and consistency of your workout. This is true because your community will encourage you to be committed by providing positive peer pressure whenever you feel like canceling a workout session. Studies have shown that people who worked out with friends were 76% more likely to meet their fitness goals than people who worked out alone.

2. It can make you work out harder

Working out with other people, makes you want to push yourself to your limits so you are not the weakest in the group. This is called the Köhler Effect. In fact, working out with people who are somehow fitter than you are, will make you increase your plank time, and time spent in any other exercise by 24 percent. Working out with a partner or a group of people will motivate you to hold on even more in a position when you feel like you are too tired to continue. Some studies have shown that working out with a team will make you spend more time working out. The Society of Behavioral Medicine conducted a study that concluded that an individual’s performance can be improved, and their workout time can be extended when they work out with a partner or a team.

3. It can make you (positively) competitive

The reason why a person pushes themselves to their limits when they are surrounded by other people is their competitive nature. The positive competitiveness can push you to work out harder, as when you see others’ capabilities, you feel like you want to show bigger capabilities yourself. If you are preparing for a certain sports event, it is recommended that you train with someone else or a team. It is recommended also that you find someone who is physically stronger than you for better motivation.

4. It can provide you benefits for your mental health

Workout in general releases endorphins, making you feel happier and more satisfied. In fact, group workouts can release even more endorphins in your body due to the interactions with the team members during the workout.

5. It can keep you motivated

Just like we’ve mentioned before, working out with a team of people can keep you motivated to reach your goals. Just seeing other people around you do something you feel like quitting or like you cannot do, will make you feel motivated to accomplish it. So why not try working out with a group of people for more benefits?