Here is how you can use technology to achieve your fitness goals
Tue 12 11 2019

You might be doing everything possible to reach your fitness goals; from going to the gym, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and eating the healthiest food possible. All of these are great ways to achieve your objectives. However, have you ever tried involving technology in your process? While many people think that technology can be a waste of time during a workout or even a distraction, new technologies have proven to be beneficial in tracking and motivating humans into hitting farther physical targets. Let’s discover the best technological devices you can take advantage of during your next workout:

1. Wearable technology

How can your gym shirt or short track your movement? The technology incorporated in the outfits is called “smart fabrics” and it tracks your body movements, your heart rate and other health and fitness-related data. The North Face Company has adopted this technology in some of their clothing to monitor heart rate and respiratory rate, track the distance traveled, count the calories burned and time spent exercising.

2. Wrist activity trackers

No doubt you have stumbled upon a smartwatch or have seen someone wear a FitBit. Today, the options of wearable activity trackers, especially on the wrists, are uncountable. Most of the brands issues waterproof gadgets and accessories, which are able to track the number of daily steps, heart rate, sleep schedule and quality, calories burned and others. These devices allow you to connect them to an application to view the data in a better way. Many users have found them encouraging a healthier life.

3. Smart Water bottles

This bottles’ aim is to make sure that you are hydrated at all times. Because many people forget to drink water or fail to reach the daily recommended amount to drink (eight glasses/day), and because being hydrated has many benefits (flush toxins out of your body, give you an energy boost, decrease your appetite, etc.), a smart water bottle has been developed to remind you of drinking water. These bottles will notify you, whether by lighting up, or vibrating when it is time to drink. They will also track how much water you drink throughout the day. Just like the wrist trackers, you can link these devices to your phone.

4. Posture correcting devices

These ones might be the newest. The poster enhancer is a small device that helps you fixing your wrong posture. It is usually targeting people who spend long hours on their desks and in front of their computers.

5. Fitness Applications

There are many types of applications that can be useful for your health and fitness goals. One of the types that are very used, is the one that offers workouts and exercises for their subscribers. Sometimes the exercises can be targeting a specific part of the body, abs for example, or offering a range of workouts that can be done at home or at the gym. Another type of application is the one that tracks your movements and health in order to push you to your limits and encourage you to work out more. One of the examples that fall into this category is StepChain! Are you using it wisely?