Here is how quarantine can positively impact your mental health
Fri 23 10 2020

Quarantine is the best solution to keep us safe from the pandemic that is going on around the world. We might find ourselves unhappy at the beginning because we are unable to do the activities we love. Many specialists have admitted that many people will experience negative feelings and anxieties due to the situation. However, is there a positive aspect of the quarantine on your mental health? In fact, there is!

1. You have enough time to think

With all your daily activities canceled, you have all the time you need to think. Thinking about how to improve yourself and your life is an important thing to do. We usually skip this because we do not have the required time. Take the free time you have to think of ways to improve your life and become a better person. What is keeping you from doing so?

2. Everything is slowing down around you

One of the things that made you feel unhappy or unable to move forward in the past, is the fact that you’ve felt that the world is moving very fast around you. In this special situation, the world has been paused and is moving forward at a very slow pace. Take advantage of this to set a plan and start achieving it.

3. You are not alone

Everyone are affected in this pandemic, and are being confined in their houses. Everyone around you is also struggling with the same situation. Remember this every time you feel alone and unhappy because of this situation.

4. You will learn to appreciate what you had

People have admitted that being at home made them miss and appreciate the smallest things they had before. They no longer take going to work 5 days a week for granted, they miss going to the supermarket without the paranoia and being able to breathe freely without a mask. They said that hugging their family and friends is something they rarely did in the past but being unable to do it today, made them want to create better bonds with the people they love. Take this time to think of the things you miss doing and how you will do it again when the quarantine ends.

5. You will have stronger bonds with the people close to you

While appreciating what you had, you will start creating better bonds with the people you are still able to see. Being confined with a partner, friend, or parent is different than going out with them to a restaurant or on a shopping promenade. The new situation will bring you closer to them and help you create better bonds that you will further appreciate in the future. Your social life will forever be changed if you give enough attention to the people you love.

6. You will learn who are the unworthy people

Coming closer to the people you love will help you see the difference between them and between the people who are unworthy of your time. Take this period to open your eyes enough to know who is worthy of your friendship and who is not.