Here is how the blockchain technology can have an effect on your fitness
Fri 09 10 2020


Blockchain is a new technology that allows many types of transaction. It is known to be a safe way to circulate information between two parties and allow for safe and secure payment. Now that blockchain has entered the fitness world, it is considered to have created a huge breakthrough within the industry. Mixing blockchain with fitness created a practical solution for users who would like to handle their own fitness life with a few clicks of a button. In this article, we will explore how the blockchain technology can have an effect on your fitness.

Since technology has entered the fitness industry, many innovations came to life such as connected objects, virtual reality, and data analytics. Due to these innovations, millions of people keep track of their fitness data using their mobile phones which has applications that track every movement they make. However, it wasn’t until blockchain became part of the group that fitness and technology formed, that users were able to transform their data into currency and monetize their efforts. StepChain is one of the applications that allow users to store, collect, share and monetize their physical activity by transforming their physical steps into STEP Points.

StepChain uses blockchain to enable gamification of the fitness industry. The gamification process helps encourage the participants to be more active using apps that rely on Blockchain (such as StepChain). In fact, the healthcare system is also relying more and more on the blockchain, through their applications and online services which are used to improve the user experience of their users.

StepChain uses a rewarding system that allows its users to gain cryptocurrency in exchange for their efforts and participation. Using blockchain makes the process more transparent and allows the users to know everything about their earnings. The gamification model helps users be motivated to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle and compare themselves to other members of their community.

In brief, blockchain is a combination of security and privacy during a transaction. In simpler words, it is a register that keeps a record of all the information delivered. Every block is a set of information that is added to a chain after being assigned a hash which is a code that protects it. The information that a block can store ranges from economic transactions to music, and videos.

Blockchain’s main inspiration for entering the fitness world was the payment, as it was the only thing that hasn’t changed by the fusion of technology and fitness. The blockchain will allow users to download content and sports lessons or make payments to purchase things that cannot be found physically.

Personal trainers can also upload their training content on blockchain and make it available for users from all around the world. Users will benefit from the content that could include programs, exercises and advice, as well as being able to connect with the trainers themselves.

As for privacy, the user’s data will be protected and not shared with any other third parties. The hash (the code that secures every block) will make it impossible for others to even try to hack it.