Here is how to work out smarter, not harder
Wed 30 10 2019

When it comes to working out, some people might think that spending hours and hours at the gym, not missing one class and not resting enough, is the right thing to do in order to be fit and to reach the optimal body shape. This is called working out hard, however, it doesn’t mean it is the right or smart thing to do. So how can your workout smarter? A smart workout is the one targeted to meet your fitness goals in a planned and healthy manner.

So stop working out harder and start working out smarter with these tips:

1. Adopt a variety of exercises

In order to tone your body the right way, you need an exercise routine that is varied and safe. If you do the same move every day, you will be developing certain muscles while neglecting the others, leading to injuries. Injuries are caused by an uneven strength between the muscles that are being worked out and the muscles that are resting for a long time. The next time you work out, try to understand the type of workouts you are adopting and add some exercises that will activate all of your muscles.

2. Don’t miss the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is full of benefits that will back up any fitness goals. It is considered the best way to burn fat as well as reducing type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. It pushes your body to its limit for a short period of time while repeating the same circuit or exercises several times with short breaks between sets. You can also try boxing as a great alternative if you are not a big fan of HIIT.

3. Make sure you’re performing the exercises the correct way

Nothing is as bad as sports’ injuries caused by an incorrect position while working out. Always make sure that your feet, hips, and back are in the right position while performing any exercise to avoid ending with a strained muscle. Remember to ask your coach if you feel unsure.

4. Nutrition is a key element

Many people focus on working out and do not give much importance to eating well. In fact, nutrition contributes by 70% to any fitness goal; therefore, remember to pay close attention to what you are eating during the day. Forget the false belief that carbohydrates are your enemy. They are a great source of energy; thus, if you are planning on working out for more than 90 minutes, do not hesitate on consuming a bowl of boiled pasta. In addition, if you are looking for a great pre-workout snack, then fruits and high fiber crackers are your best options.

5. Change your unhealthy habits

Make changes to your daily life habits and replace unhealthy ones with healthier options. Therefore, try to walk more and take the stairs as much as possible, replace unhealthy snacks with fruits, drink more water, and perhaps quit smoking.